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Why YOU Should Host a Grey Havens YA Event!

Hint: We can handle anything from a light rain to the zombie apocalypse. 


Grey Havens YA is a very busy group. We put on lots of events, including book discussions, workshops, fundraisers, gaming nights, Fandoms Unite and even (along with the other chapters of the Grey Havens Group) a symposium! Our partners include the Longmont Public Library, Barbed Wire Books, Lucky’s Market, La Vita Bella Coffee, The Longmont Museum and Cultural Center and the Lafayette Library. Once, we even took our Geek Show to a Longmont Park (that is where the light rain came in).

On Valentine’s Day, in addition to hosting the FANtastically fun fandom workout, Fitness for Nerds, at the Longmont Library, we hosted a very successful fundraiser in which we matched donors up with a surprise book. It proved to be great practice for a group that is already very good at reaching out to our community. So that you know what to expect if you decide to host Grey Havens YA, here is:

The Grey Havens YA
Guide to Friendly Customer Service

(Note: This was used for our specific book fundraiser, but we plan to continue to edit and use it for all future events!)


1. Greet each potential donor in a friendly manner.

Acceptable: “Live long and prosper,” or “May the force be with you,” or “Greetings, people of Earth.”

Unacceptable: “Members pick the books. Donors shut their cakehole,” or “You will be assimilated,” or “Exterminate.”

2. Remember to thank donors for a donation in ANY amount. We accept cash, checks, gold-pressed latinum, galleons, sickles and knuts. Any donations that appear as if they might be cursed should be placed in a sealed plastic bag for later examination by a specialist or by any handsome duo with FBI badges that appear to be authentic.


3. Please make sure that everyone who takes a book receives a “Rate Your Date” card. Remind them that visiting us online to comment and/or rate their date with a  book is a very important way to help our group but again, please, do not threaten them with deletion, extermination or assimilation if they do not comply.

4. Please encourage them to shop in our host store and to thank the store’s staff for hosting our fundraiser. Please do not imply that an Imperius Curse or any form of mind control was employed in obtaining the space to host this event.

5. Please feel free to perform the skits or sing the songs provided to entertain shoppers or to improvise appropriate ways to show people how fun our table is. Please do not disrupt the flow of traffic or frighten shoppers with live special effects, force choking or sudden dematerialization. Remember that the use of magic in the presence of muggles is expressly prohibited by the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy.

Everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy  good book.
Everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy a good book.

6. Speak enthusiastically about Grey Havens YA/Grey Havens Group and our many events. Anyone can sign up to receive more information about our organization. Do not, under any circumstances, reveal the location of our secret lair.

7. Please provide donors with a receipt if they ask for one. Grey Havens YA is not YET a tax-exempt organization but we are a non-profit association and Ministry-approved.

8. Please sign in and out for your shift with Kelly or Robyn. Make sure that we know how you are getting home. Again, sudden dematerialization is discouraged. Running away with the Doctor is no excuse.

9. Please drink lots of water throughout the day and eat snacks when you are hungry. This is not a good look on anyone.


10. If you run out of books at one location, contact Kelly or Robyn for further instructions. It is possible that books can be transferred between locations. Be patient. The transporters are down. 

11. Please keep tables as tidy as possible, with books sorted according to age range. If a book bites, remember to stroke its spine.


12. In case of an emergency, notify Kelly or Robyn immediately and refer to the emergency contact sheet that will be available at each location. Needing a latte does not constitute an emergency because no one really NEEDS a latte. You know who I’m talking to. 🙂

13. Be respectful of others when filming or taking photos. If someone’s image does not show up in a photo or video, do not panic but notify an adult right away. Staking of vampires and other supernatural creatures is to be left to professionals only.


14. Be respectful of store employees and customers but HAVE FUN!



Send us an owl: Have you had a fun time at a Grey Havens YA event? If we met you at our Blind Date with a Book, please take a moment to Rate Your Date


To the Professor!

On this day, January 3rd, 1892, J.R.R. Tolkien was born. We here at Grey Havens and Grey Havens YA would like to wish the Professor a very happy birthday!


Grey Havens YA certainly wouldn’t exist without Professor Tolkien, and I know my own personal life would be far darker without the light that he shared. Please join us in honoring the Professor by sharing what he means to you below in the comments!

Here is one of Co-Director Robyn’s favorite poems by Tolkien. You can read more about her journey with Tolkien here. These verses are sung by Samwise Gamgee in The Return of the King:

In western lands beneath the Sun
the flowers may rise in Spring,
the trees may bud, the waters run,
the merry finches sing.
Or there maybe ’tis cloudless night
and swaying beeches bear
the Elven-stars as jewels white
amid their branching hair.

Though here at journey’s end I lie
in darkness buried deep,
beyond all towers strong and high,
beyond all mountains steep,
above all shadows rides the Sun
and Stars for ever dwell:
I will not say the Day is done
nor bid the Stars farewell.

Send us an owl: What about you? Favorite quote? How has Tolkien changed your life?

The World of Rune prologue and preview

Cirdan’s Note: By the sea and stars, I have stumbled upon a most fascinating text! Our very own spock0528 has uncovered an ancient scroll that he thought would be of some interest to us. Read his findings below.

Heroes of


Part 1



Of Gods and Men

“For the great god Acosor rode on the Golden Dragon from his Kingdom, Fabeu and discovered Rune, land of mortals. He taught the Eastirim, a then primitive tribe of Rune the ways of his kingdom and the ways of his fellow gods. There was Anirab, god of battle and victory, Herarl, goddess of wisdom, and Olset, goddess of the elements. Acosor, god of the sun changed the once small nation of the Eastirim into a mighty empire. The Eastirim prayed to the gods and they answered. For it was a time of peace and of closeness with the divine. But the gods and demons and darkness from the underworld of Ncava wanted Rune for their own. They found the Zarkaran, a tribe willing to do whatever to take Rune from the Eastirim. The dark god king, Azolael lead the Zarkaran into battle against the Eastirim on the Black Dragon. Helping him were his fellow gods, Udun, the dark god of battle, Shidiel, goddess of plague and disease, and the terrible demon Poshrux the Merciless. It was a hard battle lasting many days but finally Acosor and the Eastirim banished the dark gods and drove the Zarkarans back to their home. The final act of the Acosor was to split Rune into two pieces to separate the two nations. The river Tywin was left to be the border of Eastrim and Zarkaran.

All was well until Acosor and the other gods disappeared. Prayers were no longer answered and the great temples of Teroh, Eastirim’s capital city were left unvisited by the divine. Why did the gods disappear? None can say. The gods work in mysterious ways and it is not up to mortals to question them. Still the gods did not reappear for 2,000 years. The two halves of Rune drifted side by side peacefully. The land masses drew near to a new land where new races entered Rune and the noble blood of the Eastirim was all but gone. The gods were remembered as ancient stories among the Eastirim. But then the Zarkarans returned led by Azolael to conquer the rest of Rune. Still the gods did not return. All looked hopeless until the great warrior Drake Furror arose, for he was of pure Eastirim blood. He defeated the enemy in a single swoop with his army of elites and reigned for many years as king. He was as good of a king as he was as a warrior. When he died he was buried in a tomb made of solid gold 10,000 feet beneath the palace of Teroh in the ancient hall of kings.

That was 500 years ago and we have remained safe from the Zarkarans for now. Perhaps they are truly gone or perhaps they are biding their time and preparing to attack again. We cannot be sure but either way we are prepared for war. For we know that the power of the Zarkarans and Azolael are great.”

_ excerpt from The Scrolls of the Eastrim chapter 4 by Barnabas Lessiar and Malistair Huckberry  

Welcome to the

World Of



Follow the stories of four very different individuals in this magical world.


Meet Farion

A warrior now forced to live with a terrible curse

Join him on his mission of vengeance


Meet Darius

The king’s trusted boy servant who has a dark secret


Meet Eastior

A young elf prince who now must take over an elven

kingdom when his father is killed


Meet Violet

A nine year old Zarkarvan slave girl who is about to discover her

massive destiny that will change the course of Rune forever


New chapter every week

Coming Soon!!!

Send us an owl: Wow! Which story are you most excited to hear about?

Middle-Earth McDonalds

It was the dawn of the Fourth Age. The Men of Middle-Earth had organized themselves once more. King Elessar had been crowned king of Gondor and Arnor. The dwarves had taken their place in their great fortresses. Yet one problem still remained: How shall the species of Middle-Earth get flavorful food?

The answer came from an old well known dwarf named Bombur. He had been fat for most of his days from eating more food than was good for him. Bombur thought food was the greatest thing to ever have existed! Bombur wanted to spread all the great delicacies from the many places he had visited. He created a restaurant named McDonalds. He named this restaurant after his Great Great Uncle’s Granddaughter’s horse. This new idea sparked interest in some, but others thought it foolish.

The first (but CERTAINLY not last) McDonalds appeared where Rivendell once stood. Actually, Rivendell BECAME the first McDonalds. Many a creature arrived at McDonalds on it’s grand opening. They were served many a great delicacies, including Chicken Nuggets, Big Macs, and Quarter Pounder Burgers. The first creatures to try the food were so impressed, that they asked for more McDonalds restaurants, especially near their homes. Only a few months after opening the first restaurant, McDonalds started spreading faster than rabbits! McDonalds had become a huge success!

McDonalds has remained a success until today, thousands of years after it was formed. Bombur’s original dream has been fulfilled. The world (and I mean the ENTIRE world) can now enjoy great food. Always remember the McDonalds poem:

All that is salty is tasty,
Not all those who eat are hungry;
The people that are full still eat,
Deep hunger is not reached by the vegetables.
From the meat a stomach shall be satisfied,
A happiness from the stomach shall spring;
Renewed shall be fullness that disappeared,
The hungry again shall be full.

ME MickyD

The Story of the Nerdy Balrog

[Cirdan’s note: Here is a wonderful story written by nerdybalrog. Don’t you just love Grey Havens YA?]

I used to be a great spirit, a powerful creature, a shapeshifter, a wizard, a Maiar. My life was internal. That life was not spent well, and many of my brethren’s lives were spent poorly as well. Morgoth, the most foul being to have ever lived, corrupted us, changed us, made us creatures of fire and shadow. We followed him, became his minions, not questioning a word he said.

Everyone but me. I resisted his magic and power. He made me a monster, but he could not take my life away from me. I escaped, only because of the mercy of a great wizard. His name was Gandalf, and I owe him the greatest respect. I wandered the  forests, hills and mountains of Middle-Earth. During my wandering, I learned to make ideas make sense, to turn weird things normal, and I questioned the world around me. Many a stops I made, destroying the bad things in the world, and trying to free my brethren from the terrible guilt they live with.

My final stop was to be Goblin-Town, finally freeing that mountain from those nasty goblins. I was going to rest there for a very long time, or until I died (which never happened). About five days from the Misty Mountains, I was confronted by a group of dwarves. As I looked closely, I saw my savior, Gandalf. After many years, I would get to speak with him again! The dwarves stood still, ready to attack, but Gandalf noticed who I was. He spoke to me in the language only the Maiar can understand. Gandalf had heard of the many great deeds I had done. Throughout our conversation, Gandalf had noticed the changes in me that had occurred during my wandering. He also noticed how miserable I was. When I finished talking, he told me one thing, “Go west from here, to the Grey Havens, you will know why I sent you when you arrive.” I believed that what I will see when I arrive at the Grey Havens will bring a greater meaning to my life.

That could not have been more true. When I arrived at the Grey Havens, I saw many a people. Some men, some elves, some dwarves, and many others I could not name. They called me over to their large table. I noticed from the first second this is where I belong. I heard it from everyone at the table “Welcome to Grey Havens YA!”

“Everyone has a meaning in life, even when no one believes they do.” -Nerdy Balrog

Send us an owl: Who are you (or who would you like to be) at the Grey Havens YA table? 

When Fandoms Unexpectedly Collide

Greetings, friends of Grey Havens YA. What follows is the finished transcript for the skit performed by Grey Havens YA at Tolkien Reading Day 2014. Our members created the story concept and the character ideas, and each actor was responsible for writing the specific dialogue for his or her character. They brought such laughter and joy to Reading Day, and we wanted to spread that laughter and joy around the web by sharing it with you. Look at how talented and imaginative the members of Grey Havens YA can be! Click to read more below the photo.
19. the end!

We now present to you The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, When Fandoms Unexpectedly Collide.
Continue reading When Fandoms Unexpectedly Collide

Tolkien Reading Day

Yesterday, Grey Havens YA met to discuss “Inside Information” from The Hobbit, and we had a fascinating conversation about dragons, myth, pride, and courage. However, that’s not all, because we also met to rehearse our skit for Tolkien Reading Day. What is Tolkien Reading Day, you ask? Check out this lovely flyer made by our founder with art by Donna Clement:
Tolkien Reading Day 2014 flyerjpg

The primary purpose of Reading Day is to read the works of J.R.R. Tolkien,  so this is one celebration that you can start without us and continue at home throughout the weekend, all the way up to the official date of Reading Day, March 25th. (Brownie points to anyone who can guess the significance of this date without clicking the link above!) This is the fourth annual Reading Day celebration for the Grey Havens Group and, this year, we are very excited to be celebrating with our YA members.

When you arrive on Saturday the 22nd, there will be an open mic sign-up sheets so that everyone can get their name in to read a passage from Tolkien, share a short original work about Tolkien, sing a Tolkien-themed song or just say what Tolkien means to them. Guests can come with a passage or piece already in mind, but there will also be lots of copies of the Professor’s w Horks available so that guests can decide on the right reading in the moment. Don’t worry if someone is already reading what you want to share. Some of our most moving moments in the past have been as the result of two similar but ultimately very different readings. These readings always surprise and delight us so I hope that you, your friends, and family will consider sharing. Readings and performances should be limited to about five minutes each.

We will also have a special treat for you this year! The members of Grey Havens YA will be performing their very own skit inspired by Tolkien and the other fandoms we love so much. We’ve been rehearsing a lot, and we all agree it’s pretty hilarious. (It’s also quite unexpected! You’ll get this joke after you see the performance.) You won’t want to miss it! Here’s a preview…

adventureSee you on the 22nd!

Good Morning, Fandoms.

accio nerd

Welcome to the Grey Havens YA official blog! We’re so glad you’ve stopped by. We are a group of young adults in Longmont, Colorado who love to embrace all things nerd. We embrace every type of fan from every type of fandom, so if you love something, anything, you’re welcome here. One of our members describes us as such: “A nonprofit organization promoting literacy, individuality, and pure, fun nerdiness of all fandoms. Based so far out of the Colorado area, this faction is more particularly for Young Adults (YA) and the promotion of the fantastic skill and jubilance of the new generation.”

Our book group is currently in the midst of discussing J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. We’d like to kick off the blog with one of our favorite passages. Gandalf’s a tricky one, isn’t he?

“’Good Morning!’ said Bilbo, and he meant it. The sun was shining, and the grass was very green. But Gandalf looked at him from under long bushy eyebrows that stuck out further than the brim of his shady hat.

‘What do you mean?’ he said. ‘Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?'”

Good morning to you, in every which way, and welcome to our friendly community!

Accio Nerd image courtesy of Donna Clement.