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Our Second Guest Speaker!


On Saturday, March 21st, Grey Havens YA welcomed its second-ever guest speaker, Devon Towry! Devon came to talk to us about constructed languages and Norse mythology, but we got so caught up in discussing the languages part that we’ve asked her to come back at a later date for a full-length discussion on the likes of Thor and Loki.

Our young adults thoroughly enjoyed our con-lang discussion. (Sidenote, Robyn just learned that’s a real term!) We talked a lot about what it really means to communicate and explored the efficiency of a Universal Translator. Sure, it seems easy enough for the TARDIS to translate all those alien languages into British English, but what if an alien race said one thing and meant something completely different? What about idioms?

What if the translator encountered an entirely new language that wasn’t based in any of the languages it knew already, could it translate the new tongue? How long would that take?

We also talked a bit about how languages split and evolve. Towry surprised our members by reading the first few lines of Beowulf in Old English.

We were so impressed and inspired by the discussion, that we hoped to present it to you in an audio format as a podcast. However, it was our first attempt and the technology wizards might not have favored us this time… Stay tuned to see if we can get it up and running, and also keep an eye out for audio recordings of some of our future discussions!

Thanks for stopping by, Devon! We hope you enjoyed it, and we can’t wait to welcome you back to the Grey Havens YA table.


Devon Towry will be presenting at our Real Myth and Mithril Symposium on April 25-26 with her paper titled, “Magical Lordship: Loki and Odin, Sauron and Gandalf.” The early-bird deadline to register for the Symposium is April 1st! Don’t miss out and register here. (You can still register after April 1st, but please sign up soon because space is limited!)

Send us an owl: Have you ever worked on constructing your own language? What are your thoughts on a universal translator?


Heroes of Rune Chapter 4

Cirdan’s Note: I’m pleased to introduce to you another installment from our very own spock0528. I don’t know about you, but I’m thoroughly enjoying our journey through the World of Rune! Make sure you’ve read the prologue,  chapter onechapter two, and chapter three before continuing on the adventure below!

Chapter 4


They say he died with honor. But is dying really honorable? Is laying there muttering and sputtering, bleeding out and gasping for your last breath really honor? “No,” Eastior whispered to himself. He knew it was not possible to die with honor. He knew there was nothing honorable about dying.

These are the thoughts than ran through Eastior’s mind as he watched the morticians prepare his father’s body. He stood in his father’s study looking out through the window to the courtyard below. He watched the morticians in their ceremonial robes do their work. The stitched up the spear wound in his side and dressed him in the robes of a lord. Two stones with drawings of wide open eyes were laid upon his real eyes making him look as if he were still alive. Was there honor in this? To be dressed up like a doll? To have the wound that caused his demise to be covered up like it had never been there?

He heard Silgafrane enter into the study behind him. She sat down in her father’s chair and did not say a word. Eastior made no attempt to strike up a conversation with his sister. He just watched as his father was transformed into something he had never been.

It had been nearly a week since he had heard the horns blowing. It had been nearly a week since he had heard Silgafrane screaming for him. Nearly a week since she had told him that their father, while out on a hunting trip, had been ambushed by a pack of dark elves. A week since he learned of the spear that struck him in the side. He had come in laid out on a horse, barely breathing. He had died that night, with no idea what was happening. He only moaned softly and laid there as the doctors worked frantically to save him. Alabaster Arganean died with no idea that his children were sitting next to him, praying to the old gods that he would come back to them.

And now Eastior would take his place. Take his place as the Lord of the Elven House of Ranann. It was a position he did not want. He had spent even more hours in the library than usual researching elvish law. He was trying to find some way he could pass on the the throne to Silgafrane. She was the warrior in the family. The one who knew how to talk to the people. The one who could rally and inspire. But there was no way she could become lord. Even though she was older than him by three years he was the son and he would inherit the kingdom.

Eastior was the opposite of what you think of when you think of a powerful lord. He was short for an elf, about the size of a man. His bright red hair went down to his waist and it was never combed or brushed, making it look a wildfire was going through it. He had a bad bout of acne on his face and very bad eyesight (probably from his constant reading). Eastior’s glasses had several different lenses on them and he always twisting the knobs on his glasses so that he could rotate between his different lenses for each range of sight. Eastior was a poor warrior. He remembered when he was just a boy and his father tried to teach him how to use a sword. He had gotten frustrated and had spent the whole practice session getting whacked around with a stick. He was even worse at archery. He could never hit the target, let alone well, anything. What Eastior loved to do was to read. He read books of poetry and books of history. He read the great elven epics and books of law. He spent more time in the library than he did at home. Eastior was not very good at making friends either. No one really seemed to understand him. He was the son of the lord, a great warrior, yet he knew nothing about fighting. To many, the only thing elven about him were his pointy ears. So Eastior spent most of the time by himself. He liked it that way, but now he would have to communicate quite a bit if he were to become a lord of an Elven House.

“What kind of a ruler would he be?” Eastior wondered to himself. But he already knew, didn’t he? He would be a ruler just like his father. He would settle a few petty disputes, go to council meetings, and do nothing to expand or strengthen elf culture. He would be put in the grand masters history book as a lord and nothing more. Just like his father and the countless other lords that ruled before him.

When seven families of high elves had decided to stay here, convinced this was their new homeland, while the other elves sailed on, did they know what would happen generations later? Did they know that their “homeland” was called Ragar, a land deemed godless and forsaken by both the Eastirim and Karkaran?  Did they know that the seven families would form seven Houses that would separate from each other so much that not one elf had seen another House in generations? Did they know that while the Zarkaran and Eastirim battled on and the mighty Drake Furror led one final charge against the Zarkaran forces that the elves would sit idle in their towers and that any elf who left to join the fight would be banished from his House? Did they know that lord after lord would sit there as the elves lost their honor and nobility. As they lost all development and culture. As the power that the race of elf once carried slipped away like the finest silt through fingers on the windiest of days.

“No,” said Eastior to himself for the second time that day, they couldn’t have. Silgafrane stood up and walked over to him. There were tears in her eyes. Eastior adjusted the knobs and lenses on his glasses so that he could see her properly. She knelt down beside him and whispered into his ear. “I think you will be a great lord.” But he heard the uncertainty in her voice, saw the slight quiver of her lip and the quick darting movements in her eyes.

As Eastior watched his fathers body being prepared, he had one last final thought: “Yes, there was certainly no honor in death and certainly no honor in being an elf.”

Send us an owl: What do you think will happen to Eastior? Do you agree with his views on death?

The World of Rune prologue and preview

Cirdan’s Note: By the sea and stars, I have stumbled upon a most fascinating text! Our very own spock0528 has uncovered an ancient scroll that he thought would be of some interest to us. Read his findings below.

Heroes of


Part 1



Of Gods and Men

“For the great god Acosor rode on the Golden Dragon from his Kingdom, Fabeu and discovered Rune, land of mortals. He taught the Eastirim, a then primitive tribe of Rune the ways of his kingdom and the ways of his fellow gods. There was Anirab, god of battle and victory, Herarl, goddess of wisdom, and Olset, goddess of the elements. Acosor, god of the sun changed the once small nation of the Eastirim into a mighty empire. The Eastirim prayed to the gods and they answered. For it was a time of peace and of closeness with the divine. But the gods and demons and darkness from the underworld of Ncava wanted Rune for their own. They found the Zarkaran, a tribe willing to do whatever to take Rune from the Eastirim. The dark god king, Azolael lead the Zarkaran into battle against the Eastirim on the Black Dragon. Helping him were his fellow gods, Udun, the dark god of battle, Shidiel, goddess of plague and disease, and the terrible demon Poshrux the Merciless. It was a hard battle lasting many days but finally Acosor and the Eastirim banished the dark gods and drove the Zarkarans back to their home. The final act of the Acosor was to split Rune into two pieces to separate the two nations. The river Tywin was left to be the border of Eastrim and Zarkaran.

All was well until Acosor and the other gods disappeared. Prayers were no longer answered and the great temples of Teroh, Eastirim’s capital city were left unvisited by the divine. Why did the gods disappear? None can say. The gods work in mysterious ways and it is not up to mortals to question them. Still the gods did not reappear for 2,000 years. The two halves of Rune drifted side by side peacefully. The land masses drew near to a new land where new races entered Rune and the noble blood of the Eastirim was all but gone. The gods were remembered as ancient stories among the Eastirim. But then the Zarkarans returned led by Azolael to conquer the rest of Rune. Still the gods did not return. All looked hopeless until the great warrior Drake Furror arose, for he was of pure Eastirim blood. He defeated the enemy in a single swoop with his army of elites and reigned for many years as king. He was as good of a king as he was as a warrior. When he died he was buried in a tomb made of solid gold 10,000 feet beneath the palace of Teroh in the ancient hall of kings.

That was 500 years ago and we have remained safe from the Zarkarans for now. Perhaps they are truly gone or perhaps they are biding their time and preparing to attack again. We cannot be sure but either way we are prepared for war. For we know that the power of the Zarkarans and Azolael are great.”

_ excerpt from The Scrolls of the Eastrim chapter 4 by Barnabas Lessiar and Malistair Huckberry  

Welcome to the

World Of



Follow the stories of four very different individuals in this magical world.


Meet Farion

A warrior now forced to live with a terrible curse

Join him on his mission of vengeance


Meet Darius

The king’s trusted boy servant who has a dark secret


Meet Eastior

A young elf prince who now must take over an elven

kingdom when his father is killed


Meet Violet

A nine year old Zarkarvan slave girl who is about to discover her

massive destiny that will change the course of Rune forever


New chapter every week

Coming Soon!!!

Send us an owl: Wow! Which story are you most excited to hear about?

Title and SLOGO Artwork

Cirdan’s note: It is my pleasure to share with you this wonderful sketch drawn by one of our amazing Grey Havens YA members. (Her blog name is still to-be-determined at the moment, but it may be awesomediginerd.) Check it out!ElizaGHYA

In addition, one of our members, madamekovarian learned how to write our SLOGO (that’s Grey-Havens-YA-speak for “slogan or catchphrase”) in Tengwar, the Elvish alphabet! I am so proud. 


This is not the first time we’ve shared fantastic drawings by our YA members. Be sure to check out our previous fan-art post too. I am excited to share many more pieces in the future. Our members are so creative!

Send us an owl: Not that one should ever judge a book by its cover, BUT… if Grey Havens YA were a novel, what do you think our cover would/should look like? P.S. Can you write in any other languages?