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Grey Havens YA’s Last Stand!

RPG Dice

The year is 2602. The planet once known as Earth has been callously re-christened The Last World. America is now popularly known as The Corruption. The Sahara Desert is covered in frozen ash. Days are short and dark. The temperature remains at a stubborn 14 degrees Fahrenheit. There are zombies, dragons, zombie dragons and killer wasps. Who can you trust? How will we survive?

RPG Character Sheet

This is the world of The Last Stand, a role-playing game developed by Grey Havens YA members at last April’s Real Myth and Mithril Symposium. Today, we finally got to come together in one large group to play! Some of our characters are road-weary loners, some are brilliant but aloof and unstable, motivated by self-interest or fear, some are too trusting and kind. Some have magic, others have science and mechanical skill. None of these skills are infallible.

Some have empathy or telepathy, others have trouble understanding what goes on in another person’s head. One carries his small son across the post-apocalyptic landscape in a backpack, wondering at times if the burden is too much. One of us is a Martian, kind but lost and overwhelmed by the thoughts that flood her mind. Another is slightly mad from all she has seen, though we don’t know what memories haunt her. There is a man in the camp who can be quite caustic but hovers around his community anyway. One man has golden eyes and no one knows his name. One is the sole survivor of a recent, terrible war. Our dragon is helpful but he snores. Times are harder than they have ever been. Is this really what we do for fun? Absolutely it is!

RPG Group 2

Role-playing games are good for the mind, heart and soul. If we can be anything we want, why do we give our characters limitations and problems? Why not just place ourselves in paradise? Why do we harness our imaginations to the roll of a polyhedral die? Because problems are solved, beauty is created and relationships are forged when our limitless daydreams have to fit themselves into a world that, as wild as it may be, is still governed by rules. Every time we roll the die, we risk failure but risk is our business. We don’t just hack our way through trouble either. We have weapons but we also have skills. We have strengths and weaknesses and we use them all to try together to find what each of us is looking for.

Real life is like that, too, isn’t it? Sometimes we have everything we need to succeed but circumstances turn against us anyway. Sometimes, everything goes our way. You can’t have everything you want but you can have adventure–in the game and outside of it. We also have each other.

rpg d20

Our young adults built this world with all its dire problems and it is likely that they will save it many times over.  They each put nuance and depth into their characters while our game master oversees the whole thing with patience and wit. It is easy to be impressed by this. It is easy to see them going on to do great things in our own world, such as showing compassion for all kinds of characters, finding ways to work together even when the compassion hasn’t risen to the surface yet, solving problems, understanding when things don’t go their way but allowing themselves to feel elation when they do. It is also easy to see how gaming is helping them to fulfill their potential on the way to adulthood.

Gaming is part of a great tradition of storytelling, a myth that metamorphoses in the telling. It is collective storytelling, a tale adapted by each mind that joins the quest, causing the other minds to bend and twist to keep up. In a role-playing game we can see through strange eyes. Each player tries out a persona that emerges from a mix of compassion for their own attributes, empathy for what it must be like to be another, a bit of wish fulfillment and a lot of adapting to everything that comes along, including zombies, dragons, zombie dragons, killer wasps and, from time to time, a bit of luck.

rpg character drawing

RPG Gigi Character

RPG Robyn Jayne Katie

The Last Stand proved so popular with our members that we would like to add regular gaming sessions to our schedule and, perhaps, even invite more gamers to join us but this would require more time and resources than we currently have. Click here to help! Click here to learn about what happens at a Grey Havens YA meeting when gaming is not on the agenda. May fortune fall upon your every roll!

Send us an owl: What is your favorite role-playing game? What is your favorite gaming memory? 

In December, we begin reading and discussing The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. We would also love to know your favorite memories of reading this great author.

martian quote


What a Nerd Looks Like: Connecting and Blooming

You are amazing! Our #ThisIsWhatANerdLooksLike campaign just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Remember, we’re continuing to share some great pictures on our Facebook and Twitter, so please message and tweet us @GreyHavensYA with the hashtag and/or send us your photos and nerd stories via email at greyhavensya@gmail.com.

In case you missed it, here’s the essay from Ethan that started it all. You’ll also want to check out our second essay from Eliza here. But that’s not all– check out our third essay from Roxy too. And don’t forget to read our most recent essay by Katie and Jayne here.

Now, we would like to share with you the final essay submitted to us for our at Denver Comic Con panel. I cannot believe that only less than a month ago, we asked our members to write a minimum of 250 words about what Grey Havens YA and fandom culture mean to them, just so we could confirm their commitment to be a part of our small 4-member panel. Those essays sparked a movement — they even sparked Kelly and Robyn to ask DCC if we could bring all 6 with us, and so we shall! — AND we’ve got more writing to share with you in the coming weeks from our other members who were inspired to share their thoughts and their stories with us to show the world what a nerd really looks like.

This essay comes to us from Kaiya, one of Grey Havens YA’s younger members. It has been a privilege to watch Kaiya grow in the past two years and to see her find community in our small, amazing group of nerds. If you want to help Grey Havens YA continue to thrive, please consider supporting us, and check out our Community Programming page to find out how you can bring a part of Grey Havens YA magic to your community. We also always welcome TARDIS phone-calls.


My mom is a member of the Grey Havens Group in Longmont, CO. About a year and a half ago, she found something, called Fandoms Unite, that the leader of this group does on the second Saturday of every month. So, in October I went to see what is was about. That was also the day that they were talking about and signing up for a new group that Kelly (the leader of GHG)  was starting, Grey Havens Young Adult (or Grey Havens YA). It was to be a Sci Fi and Fantasy Book Group for young adults in the Longmont area. When we first started meeting, I was kind of shy and quiet, but as we kept meeting I made friends and realized that these people understood me. Whenever I would say something about Doctor Who or Supernatural at dance or with family friends, they didn’t know what I was talking about, but these people did, they even agreed with me!

Before Grey Havens YA, I didn’t really have anything that I was excited for. There was nothing that I was like “oh I just can’t wait,” but now every week I’m looking forward to our meetings, I’m looking forward to Fandoms Unite, I’m looking forward to all our discussions. We help the community, put on shows like the Geek Show we had last summer. We teach, we sing, and most of all, we have fun. For our first book, we read The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, and when we were finishing this book our discussions kept leading back to dragons, so once we finished the book we had a meeting all about dragons. We taught each other what we knew, we shared pictures we had drawn, poems we had heard, everything. Not because we had to or because we were reading a book about it, but because we wanted to, and one of the librarians had heard us talking about all these dragons, so she wanted us to teach a class or event about dragons, as a part of their summer reading program. We taught them how to raise dragons, how to draw dragons, what different kinds of dragons there are, we did lots of fun dragon crafts, and sung the Dragon Tales theme song. It was a lot of fun.

Last year, we also got invited to be a part of Mythcon 45, and this year we get to host a panel at Denver Comic Con, these are some of the reasons I love being a part of Grey Havens YA. It gives me something to look forward to. It’s a place where I can be myself and thrive. Grey Havens YA has changed my life forever.


Send us an owl: Where do you find your community, your place to truly be yourself?

Sharing the Love of Fandoms

katie fandoms unite

Once a month, the members of Grey Havens YA reach out to the youth of Longmont, Colorado by hosting an event called Fandoms Unite at the Longmont Public Library’s Teen Night. In October, our members turned Fandoms Unite into the best kind of classroom–a fandom classroom!

On their own and in teams, Grey Havens YA members created and presented a guide to nerd lingo, an introduction to conversational Judoon, a guide to anime actors, how to start playing Magic: The Gathering even if you are on a budget, an introduction to the decades-old Star Trek fandom and a crash course in monsterology. Fandom Classes were well-researched, well-presented and everyone went home a little more knowledgeable than when they came in. We all know that being a nerd is not about what you love; it’s about how you love it but, sometimes, you just need to share what you love! Now, if you’ll excuse me, there are some rhino-horned creatures marching down my block. Good thing I know how to talk to them!

Here are links to some of the information-filled slideshows created for the Fandom Classes!

Anime Voice Actors

How to Get into Magic: The Gathering AND Nerd Lingo WITH Con Survival

Star Trek


Peter (aka Nerdy Balrog) taught us so much that we don’t even need to use this Judoon translator!

As a bonus, here is a presentation on dragons created by Grey Havens YA members last June. Dragonlore comes in handy in more situations than you might think!


Send us an owl: What fandom-related topic would you most like to learn about? What would you like to teach?

The World of Rune prologue and preview

Cirdan’s Note: By the sea and stars, I have stumbled upon a most fascinating text! Our very own spock0528 has uncovered an ancient scroll that he thought would be of some interest to us. Read his findings below.

Heroes of


Part 1



Of Gods and Men

“For the great god Acosor rode on the Golden Dragon from his Kingdom, Fabeu and discovered Rune, land of mortals. He taught the Eastirim, a then primitive tribe of Rune the ways of his kingdom and the ways of his fellow gods. There was Anirab, god of battle and victory, Herarl, goddess of wisdom, and Olset, goddess of the elements. Acosor, god of the sun changed the once small nation of the Eastirim into a mighty empire. The Eastirim prayed to the gods and they answered. For it was a time of peace and of closeness with the divine. But the gods and demons and darkness from the underworld of Ncava wanted Rune for their own. They found the Zarkaran, a tribe willing to do whatever to take Rune from the Eastirim. The dark god king, Azolael lead the Zarkaran into battle against the Eastirim on the Black Dragon. Helping him were his fellow gods, Udun, the dark god of battle, Shidiel, goddess of plague and disease, and the terrible demon Poshrux the Merciless. It was a hard battle lasting many days but finally Acosor and the Eastirim banished the dark gods and drove the Zarkarans back to their home. The final act of the Acosor was to split Rune into two pieces to separate the two nations. The river Tywin was left to be the border of Eastrim and Zarkaran.

All was well until Acosor and the other gods disappeared. Prayers were no longer answered and the great temples of Teroh, Eastirim’s capital city were left unvisited by the divine. Why did the gods disappear? None can say. The gods work in mysterious ways and it is not up to mortals to question them. Still the gods did not reappear for 2,000 years. The two halves of Rune drifted side by side peacefully. The land masses drew near to a new land where new races entered Rune and the noble blood of the Eastirim was all but gone. The gods were remembered as ancient stories among the Eastirim. But then the Zarkarans returned led by Azolael to conquer the rest of Rune. Still the gods did not return. All looked hopeless until the great warrior Drake Furror arose, for he was of pure Eastirim blood. He defeated the enemy in a single swoop with his army of elites and reigned for many years as king. He was as good of a king as he was as a warrior. When he died he was buried in a tomb made of solid gold 10,000 feet beneath the palace of Teroh in the ancient hall of kings.

That was 500 years ago and we have remained safe from the Zarkarans for now. Perhaps they are truly gone or perhaps they are biding their time and preparing to attack again. We cannot be sure but either way we are prepared for war. For we know that the power of the Zarkarans and Azolael are great.”

_ excerpt from The Scrolls of the Eastrim chapter 4 by Barnabas Lessiar and Malistair Huckberry  

Welcome to the

World Of



Follow the stories of four very different individuals in this magical world.


Meet Farion

A warrior now forced to live with a terrible curse

Join him on his mission of vengeance


Meet Darius

The king’s trusted boy servant who has a dark secret


Meet Eastior

A young elf prince who now must take over an elven

kingdom when his father is killed


Meet Violet

A nine year old Zarkarvan slave girl who is about to discover her

massive destiny that will change the course of Rune forever


New chapter every week

Coming Soon!!!

Send us an owl: Wow! Which story are you most excited to hear about?

What does the Spock say sing-along and logo

Cirdan’s note: Check out this awesome post by one of our videographers, spock0528. He’s got a great music video that he shared at Geek Show, and he’s also included a playlist of his Fandom tribute videos and reviews on YouTube!

Here is the video I showed at Geek show:

And a new log I made for our videos:

Send us an owl: Which video was your favorite?? If you have movie reviews, be sure to post them/send them to us in word or video! Woohoo. 🙂

Coming soon: Dragon Tales!

Did you know that the members of Grey Havens YA are certified experts on dragons? We gathered together a few weeks ago to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for all things draconic. We will be presenting our findings at the Longmont Public Library on Tuesday June 17, 2014 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Anyone between grades 6 through 8 are welcome to attend! Please register at the Library.

Here are some samples of our work. Below you will find factual sketches by awesomediginerd:

And here we see some members hard at work researching Dragon Lairs:

We also examined a dragon model for further study constructed by demonicdragon.

We are prepared for a fascinating discussion full of myth, lore, crafts, and science. See you on June 17th!

Send us an owl: What’s your favorite thing about dragons?