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“Where your treasure is…”

Imagine that you are tidying a room after a meeting and you find that what was left behind is actually treasure placed there for you to discover. Imagine that you hold another meeting, and another, and another, a meeting almost every week for four years and, every single time, new treasure is left behind. There is so much treasure that, when you spread it out across your living room floor, it is three layers thick. There is so much treasure that it would take almost another four years to sort through it all but you never do sort through it all because there is always a new piece that catches your eye and makes you go back to savor all the pieces you looked at before. Imagine that each piece is priceless and the pieces just keep coming.


This is what life is like for Grey Havens YA facilitators because, every week during our book discussions, we give our participants markers, pencils, pens, and paper then let them go. They use the materials to illustrate discussion points, to express their wry humor and poignant dreams, to confidently create. From clever scribbles to detailed drawings that take more than one meeting to complete, they have left behind treasure in the form of small glimpses into their intricate minds. Creative and critical thinking, that’s what we’re all about. Astonishing ideas emerge during every Grey Havens YA book discussion. Not all of them are spoken.



Send Us an Owl: Our photos don’t do justice to either the quality or abundance of art we receive from our YA members. Send us your own photos or, if you are a YA member, tell us about your favorite work of art from a Grey Havens YA meeting!


When Fandoms Collide: The Quest for the Mithril Coat

At the Grey Havens Symposium titled Real Myth and Mithril 2015, Grey Havens YA performed their latest fandom skit. Named “When Fandoms Collide: The quest for the Mithril Coat,” this skit combines some of our favorite characters in a plot so delightful that it perfectly compliments its predecessor “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, When Fandoms Unexpectedly Collide.” Our members devised the plot and wrote this themselves, including the incredible puns at the end. Watch the skit here, and, if you’d like to read the full transcript, see more below the video! #ThisIsWhatANerdLooksLike

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From a Grey Havens YA Meeting: Wonderfully Wise Words and Wonderfully Weird Art!

You never know what treasures will come out of a Grey Havens YA meeting, like this line from a recent meeting: “The writer is the wizard who transports you to other worlds with the runes that they use in their books.” -Eliza

At our last book discussion meeting, we were transported to the spooky moors where the Hound of the Baskervilles is rumored to roam but one of our members also did some sketches for a multi-fandom project he is working on. He is developing an elaborate story that centers around these strange, technological beings. It is amazing what our members come up with!

deacon robot

deacon globebot

deacon dalek hybrid

deacon creature

A lot of our imaginative young adults are interested in storyboarding for movies and games but we do not yet have the resources to support them in these endeavors. Let us know if you know of anyone who can help!

Like my favorite dog, we are taking a break from reading Sherlock Holmes. Two weeks ago, we had Fandom Theater from Fandoms Unite, and last week we welcomed a guest speaker. (Watch this space for more on that soon!)

Bronte with Holmes

Send us an owl: We are already taking nominations for our next book to read and discuss as a group. Have you read any good imaginative fiction lately?