Grey Havens YA is a book group and much, much more. Find out from our members and their families what our group means to them! If you like what you read, please click here to support us!

From Members:

“I have met some incredible people in Grey Havens YA. We’ve been through so much together, it is hard to imagine life without this group. Every week I look forward to the meetings or Fandoms Unite because I always feel like I am welcome. There is something special about going to a place where you know you belong. You ignore all the problems that you had during the week and you forget that you have an essay or test in two days and you just have fun and let go. That’s what happens to me anyways. I lose my sense of reality and dive head first into the world of science fiction and fantasy. At Grey Havens, I can make my wildest dreams come true and nobody will make fun of me. This group has changed me as a person. Without this group I would still be saying leviosa not leviosar, and looking for demons in all the wrong places.” –Jennifer

“I would be so lost without my YA family. I am very thankful this group came to Longmont. I wish every town had a group like this one where young people can connect over a good book or shared fandom in an open way. Grey Havens has helped me to grow into a more confident person. I am more open to talking with other people and not afraid to share my voice about my interests, hobbies or even social issues affecting young people.” –Eliza

ya hello

“I am not sure who I would be today without GHYA… This group means more than words can convey to me, and I just want all to know that.” –Roxy

“Grey Havens YA is a great place for nerdy kids who have trouble finding people to talk to or interact with about their interests.” –Peter

“I want this group to be everywhere so, even if I am in college or I am not in Colorado, I can go.” –Callie

“The Grey Havens YA group has made such a large impact on my life. When I attend the meetings I see things in perspectives that I never would have thought about if it was not for our diverse group. And I mean that in a good way! Grey Havens YA has come so far and to see everything that we have done, it is truly inspirational. I always love attending the meetings because I get a chance to share fandom moments with people who actually understand what it is like to point at that Doctor Who bumper sticker in the middle of a lane of traffic and say, “Their other vehicle is a TARDIS? The Doctor is here! He must be! I would love to see him!” (I might say that to some of my other friends but they would give me a strange look and ask me if I really do need to see a “doctor”.)

My second favorite part of the meetings? The slogo, I honestly do believe with all of my two hearts (haha), that “Being a nerd is not about what you love; it is about how you love it!” Grey Havens YA is such an amazing group. I do not know what I would do without it in my life.” –Jennifer

rj peter eliza

“I love it! Grey Havens YA is life!” –Courtney

“The best thing is being able to post my creations for others to see.” –Christopher

“I like the feeling of acceptance I get there.” –Ethan

From Families

readcon breakfast 4

“[My child] has thrived since being in GHYA. For the first time, she has made friends and loves going. She has fun, but she also stimulates her cognitive and creative sides. She learns and she is interested in learning. She gets ideas and puts them to use. This group has been a lifesaver for us.” –Jen

“It’s helped both of my children to grow socially, emotionally and academically. They’ve both developed a love of thoughtfully discussing things they are reading or watching on TV. It’s given our family countless opportunities to connect and better communicate with each other.” –Angela

“Please know that we love you and are so grateful for you. Thank you for accepting [my child] and encouraging his imagination and creativity. We are so blessed to be a part of your organization.” –Marie

“It’s an activity that he always looks forward to, enjoys his peers, and is very engaged in reading. Grey Havens engenders a love of literature.” –Gloria

“THANK YOU! You are a wonderful group of people who really make a positive influence. I am grateful for all that Grey Havens YA has done to make the middle school years positive for [my child]. -Helen

“This is a phenomenal group. I cannot express the joy I feel watching them interact with each other and the community. Such energy..passion…and creativity! This is a group worth donating to!!!” -Joe

regeneration showqer group

To learn even more about how Grey Havens YA has changed lives, read “The Story of the Nerdy Balrog” and “The Nerd in the Closet.” You can also hear more from our members in this article from the Boulder Daily Camera/Longmont Times Call.


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