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Do you like what Grey Havens YA is doing? Want to see more of it? We need your help! Our dream right now is to eventually become a funded organization so that we can have our own space for teens and tweens to come to every day — a place that offers books, movies, music, games, and a chance to participate in multiple discussion groups, not just one! Bonus- As part of our mission with The Grey Havens Group, Inc, this would become a home for creativity and scholarship not just for teens but for all generations.

Click here to donate to Grey Havens YA through PayPal

We offer monthly subscription options as laid out on the Grey Havens Group website. Even just $3/month would help us tremendously!

*If you would like to support Grey Havens YA but are unable to access the site, please leave us a comment, send us an email, or contact us. Thank you!*

Grey Havens YA is the youth and family branch of The Grey Havens Group, Inc. now a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that promotes literacy, imagination, community, and inclusion through the fostering of creativity and scholarship for all generations! You can support us through PayPal and your donations are now tax-deductible. Thank you!

Other ways to help: Would you be interested in donating your time and/or skills to Grey Havens YA? Please Phone the TARDIS to contact us.

Do you want to bring Grey Havens YA programming to your community? Check out our Community Programming page all about what we have to offer!

Thank you again!


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