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The Story Of Eustace

by Grey Havens YA member, draycos0

Eustace at Regen Shower

There was a dragon named Eustace who met people and did things, then became a mascot. The end. “But that’s not a story,” you’re all thinking, well to bad, yes it is, but I guess I’ll tell you the detailed story.

In a cave, in another place that’s not here, in another time, that’s not now, there was a family of dragons, one blue scales  with red spikes, the other green scales  with black spikes. They had an egg, the newest member of the family, about to hatch. Soon the dragon egg had a huge crack in it, with some light coming out of the crack. When dragons hatch, there is an explosion, harmless to dragons, but very harmful to humans. BOOM, the egg hatched and in a beautiful ray of light, there was a baby dragon. He had green scales like his dad, and red spikes like his mom, and the parents adored him. They rushed up to him and had a group hug. “What shall we name him?” the father asked.

“Eustace,” the mother answered and nuzzled her little boy.

A few years later, the baby was still only crawling, but he was getting very good at flying. He loved fish and to hear stories, and still was adorable as ever. Unfortunately though, life could not stay perfect, and the humans came. “Heros” that came to slay the dragon family. Out of pure love, they sent their son away.

He flew many leagues, and found a library. Being as smart as he could, he snuck in, and hid in the attic. Feeling tired, he went to sleep. He had troubled dreams though and failing in his sleep, knocked over a pile of books. Down stairs, a young librarian named Riley (ancestor of Robyn). Riley, clearly startled, went to the kitchen and got a knife, and went up to the attic. She stealthily looked around and found the bunch of books on the floor, and was about to blame the wind, when she heard a little sneeze. Looking around the corner, she found little Eustice. “It’s Ok,” Riley soothed, “I don’t bite.” Eustace, seeing no other option, crawled up to Riley, and got a hug.

Riley, not knowing what else to do, brought the little dragon down to the guest bed room, tucked him in bed, and started to read to him. She was reading a book from the future called The Hobbit. Eustace, feeling happy went to sleep, a deep sleep that came with a smile.

He woke the following week and, with the help of Riley, was on his way again.

Soon he found another building, but it wasn’t a library, it was a school. Many youth attended, including Ester (ancestor of Eliza), Kayla (ancestor of Keeley), and other people that I will not name (mysterious). The two were in the library reading some good books from the future that were relics because they went farther from the past, who got that from the future, and then again from the future, then was sent to the past, so it came before the universe but was created after the universe. Anyway, Eustace, very tired, stumbled and fell down in front of the girls. “AWWWW” the girls cooed, holding the dragon.

Startled, the dragon twisted, trying to get out of the vice grip, failing, he calmed down and let himself be hold. “Oh, I wish I could show Karina,” ancestor of Kairee, “she would love him.” After babbling for an hour, Eustace fell asleep in their arms, but that wasn’t comfortable, and woke a few hours later, got up looked at the chair next to him, got up, and slept there. The next day, he started to read, and loved every word, he read things like Sherlock Holmes, Gone, and Inferno Of Life.

When he woke up, the girls had given him everything he needed and he was off aging. He was flying when he saw a bunch of colored sparkles in a burst. Quickly landing out of fear, he found a boy named Pete (ancestor of Peter). He had a magic wand, and was casting spells left and right. He found the little dragon sweet, and said “How sweet.”

The little dragon, outraged at this, spoke his first words, “I am not sweet.” He then fiddled with his bag and found a book, and through it at Pete.

“Ouch, you’re still cute,” dodging another book, he asked “You like reading, well how about this book,” he gave him a copy of Maze Runner (I won’t even explain how he got it) and left.

Eustace, intrigued, read the book in one day, then slept for a few years. He right now, is about 48 years old, still just a baby. When he woke up, he was on his way again, and found another wizard next to a blue box that said Police public call box, free for public use. This young wizard had a grimoire. “Ooh, Ooh, the dragon asked, may I read that book?” the young dragon asked excitedly.

The young boy answered “No.”

“Please!” the dragon begged.

“No,” answered the boy, “what do you want anyway.”

The dragon, no very philosophical, asked himself “What do I want? I want to help people.”

The young wizard’s name was Ali (ancestor of Ace), “Well I can make you go where you want, Ok?” He asked.

“Yes,” the dragon answered.

“Before I do this, this is a very complicated spell, so I might not get it right, are you still ok with this?” Ali asked.

Eustace hesitated for a second, then answered “Yes, I am.” Ali started the spell, and with his magic out Eustace to sleep, and sent him to another dimension (on accident),

“Still got to work on that one, I wonder what happened to him,” Ali asked himself.

In another world, a young dragon exploded into a new world, where a book group was meeting. After things happened, insults, misunderstanding, craziness, Eustace agreed to be the book groups mascot. He ended up being 157 years old, 13 in human years. After meeting everyone, he was happy. The end.

‘But that was so short for an ending.’  Well deal with it.

AN: All facts about dragons came from my mind.

AN to Robyn and Kelly: This is the story of Eustace, please.

AN to Grey Havens: But we don’t have those ancestors, well you do now.



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