Fandom Fundraisers! (Inactive)

Support literacy, imagination, community and inclusion while you have geeky fun by attending one of our Fandom Fundraisers!

Blind Date with a Book! 

grey havens gobble books

Our signature Blind Date with a Book fundraiser returns to Longmont, Colorado on November 21 from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. with our Gobble Up a Good Book celebration at Lucky’s Market!  Tasty, free samples will not be the only thing you will be able to snap up while doing your Thanksgiving shopping. You can also take home something delicious to read!

Thank you very much to Barbed Wire Books and Lucky’s Market for partnering with us in our previous Blind Date with a Book Fundraiser in February, 2015. Valentine’s Day is for lovers–book lovers!!

After you get to know your new book a little better, return here to RATE YOUR DATE in comments! Please scroll down until you see “Send us an owl…” Our comments come to us by owl post. We hope you enjoyed your date!

rate your date pic

You can also support Grey Havens YA directly here. Thank you very much!



5 thoughts on “Fandom Fundraisers! (Inactive)

  1. Thanks for my new Blind Date reads – won’t be starting them for awhile; travels and book club “assignments” coming first. Will send Rate Your Date in the future…..I know, the suspense is killing all of you but you’ll just have to wait and be surprised when they finally arrive.

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    1. Thank you for commenting. Hearing back from you means as much as your donation. I definitely know what it is like to have to keep up with book club “assignments.” Looking forward to reading your rating!


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