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What Is Geek Philosophy? Part 3: Wholeness

A Literary and Philosophical Nonprofit for Everyone!

After our last post on the principle of Slow Reading-Close Reading, we promised you a post on the Geek Philosophy principle of Wholeness. It turned out that it was easier to promise the post than produce it. Wholeness is a principle that, as you might have guessed, encompasses all our other principles. It is also the hardest to explain.

There are two kinds of wholes. One is the collection, like a basket full of stuff. It’s an artificial whole that someone put together. If you want to really know what is in the basket, you have to take the collection apart and examine each piece. The other kind of whole is an organic whole or unity, a whole that just came that way, like a tree or a person. You can try to understand a tree or person by examining their parts but you won’t really…

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A Note on our Keynote Speakers

Grey Havens YA encourages its members to take their interests seriously. Whether or not they decide to become professional scholars, we hope that they will enjoy research and scholarship all their lives, delving happily into whatever topics interest them. That is why we are thrilled that they will be playing a large part in our upcoming academic symposium. Here is some information about the symposium’s keynote speakers.

A Literary and Philosophical Nonprofit for Everyone!

On Saturday and Sunday, April 25 and 26, the Grey Havens Group will be hosting its symposium, Real Myth and Mithril: Delving into Fantasy Literature. We have been fortunate to attract some impressive talent to this event. There will be fascinating scholars, gifted authors, dedicated musicians, audacious cosplayers and even a daring troupe of stage combat performers.

Of course, one of the key draws to any symposium or conference is the keynote speaker. At Real Myth and Mithril, we will have, not one, but two distinguished scholars, one speaking each day of the symposium. Here is more about the scholars who will be honoring us with their insights.

Dr. Leslie Taylor: 

Leslie Taylor’s research interests include mythology, theology and poetry.  She has published on a variety of topics including the logos tomeus metaphor in ancient literature and the influential philosopher Boethius.  As a college Lecturer, Leslie has developed and taught…

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2015 Call for Art Exhibit Submissions

Círdan’s note: Calling all artists! If you are interested in submitting art for our upcoming symposium and/or t-shirt designs, please check out this post on the Grey Havens Group blog.

A Literary and Philosophical Nonprofit for Everyone!


The Grey Havens Group and Grey Havens YA need your talent in visual arts! 

1. We need t-shirt designs for the Grey Havens Group, Grey Havens Young Adult and our youth outreach program Fandoms Unite. All designs must be reproducible in black on light-colored fabric or in white on dark-colored fabric. Final submissions should be in jpeg format, either digitally produced or as a scan of a drawing in fine-tip felt pen. (We can work with the t-shirt company on designs produced in other media but our best quality t-shirts have come from images reproduced from these types of designs.)

Please email a jpeg of your t-shirt design to by March 15. Designs not used on this year’s t-shirt may be used on our website, Real Myth and Mithril Symposium program, other print publications or on our blog with full credit given to the artist.

This year’s t-shirt themes are:

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