The Awesome Public Opinion Box!

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Even with all of Time and Space at your disposal, it is easy to get bored. Help the Doctor find something AWESOME to read!

What is it?  

The Awesome Public Opinion Box is a cooperative project of Grey Havens YA, schools, libraries, local businesses and Girl Scouts, Annelis and Isabella. The project is a home-grown version* of a project originally developed by the Harvard Library Innovation Lab.

Annelis and Isabella designed and built the box and help maintain it. Schools, libraries and businesses give it a place to land while Grey Havens YA collects and reports on all the Awesomeness!

How does it work?

Spot the Box as it travels from location to location. If you recently read something that you think is AWESOME, leave behind the slip provided to help us spread the AWESOMENESS across Time and Space! Check back here for the all the latest recommendations. Don’t forget to let us know in comments or on our Facebook page that you spotted the Box!

Help us to create more AWESOME!

Do you have your own AWESOME opinion about the items recommended? Did you create an AWESOME original work inspired by one of the recommendations? Leave your review, story, poetry, comic strip, song, drawing or any other AWESOMENESS in comments. You never know when a certain Time Lord might be checking this page!

21 silver trace aj

                                                                                 12 Bella with the jig saw

*If your home is on Gallifrey!

Print your own AWESOME Bookmarks. More AWESOMENESS coming soon! 


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