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Our Mascot Eustace loves Grey Havens YA!


Welcome to the website of Grey Havens YA. We are so thrilled to have you here. Now, you may be asking yourself, “How do I get involved with Grey Havens YA?” or “How can I get my child involved in Grey Havens YA?”

We are so glad you asked! It means the world to us that you are interested in Grey Havens YA. We do this to reach fellow passionate people, and we want to create a community full of literacy, imagination, and inclusion.

While we are unable to add more members to our regular book discussion meetings, we have so much more to offer! Grey Havens YA is a community that extends far beyond our regular meetings. Phone the TARDIS to participate on our blog, join our Facebook group, like our Facebook Page to get notified of all our upcoming events, ask us to bring Fandom Programming to your area, and keep in touch! If you are a nerd, you are part of Grey Havens YA.

We really encourage you to continue to comment on and share our posts so that potential funding sources can see how supported we are and how much of a need there is to expand Grey Havens YA. Expanding our group so that we can reach out to you and your child in your city is our dream. Will you please help us make that happen? Please click here for more information on supporting us.

But wait, there’s more: One more thing you can do is to fill out this Google form: Grey Havens YA Newcomer Interest Form. We are starting to compile a Waitlist for our book discussions and an email list for all our other public events.

We also invite you to check out our Community Programming page. We can bring the fun of Grey Havens YA and Fandoms Unite to you and your community.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, and hopefully we can meet you soon!

Remember, it’s how you love it,
Robyn, Kelly, and Círdan the Shipwright.


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