A Week in the Life of Grey Havens Group (and a tasty way to help)

This week, Grey Havens Group, Inc. has been very busy preparing for a fantastic fall that will include multiple book discussion groups for ages 8+, Star Wars programming, and more Harry Potter-style magic! We also taught facilitators to use a holistic, Socratic method to promote creative and critical thinking through the discussion of literature and popular culture. Tomorrow, we begin the new program year for Grey Havens YA by welcoming new members and including family members in a demonstration of the fun and enriching experience of our Fandoms Unite program. These are only some examples of the kinds of things we do every single week.

Please stop by Menchie’s Main Street Marketplace in Longmont tomorrow, August 27, between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m., buy some frozen yogurt, and present this flyer so that Grey Havens will receive 20% of the price of your purchase. Something as simple as treating your family to froyo can help us to keep doing all that we do. Thank you!

Send Us an Owl:  While you’re at Menchie’s, create a froyo sculpture, take a photo, then tweet us or leave a comment in the Facebook announcement, and we’ll let the likes judge the winners! Thanks again, everyone and enjoy! 

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