The Lull of Childhood Memories

Círdan’s note: Tomorrow at Grey Havens YA, we will be discussing “Usher II,” the Martian Chronicles story about a man who’s so fed up with the censorship and book burnings of earth that he creates his own House of Usher on Mars and invites all the “sophisticates” over for murder and mayhem. It’s a thrilling tale with it’s fair share of horror. Today, one of our members (145Barbarian) embraces the viewpoint of the Other as he reflects on a few of his favorite horror films and how they deal with the lull of childhood memories. It’s shaping up to be quite a scary week over here at Grey Havens YA!

At our Grey Havens YA meeting (January 9th) we mentioned something having to do with childhood. We said that some find safety in it, while others want to forget their childhood ever happened. I couldn’t help but think of some of my favorite horror movie characters during this. It may sound weird that childhood and horror villains are related, but even they had childhoods. The two examples I am going to be using are Michael Myers from Halloween, and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th (The remake).


***FURTHER WARNING—BOTH MOVIE CLIPS ARE FROM R RATED MOVIES—FURTHER WARNING*** (rdan’s note: In the spirit of Bradbury, I’m not going to censor 145Barbarian’s post. But please note that you have been warned.)



In Halloween, by John Carpenter, Michael Myers has spent five movies hunting down and trying to kill his family. When it comes to killing his young niece…he is hesitant. Not only is she just a kid, but it is where they are when he is confronted with the choice. They are in his childhood house. The place where this monster was created. The only good memories that he has ever had were in that house. He is almost convinced by Dr. Billy Loomis to give up his ways of killing. And while in the attic, holding a knife above his niece, she calls to him. “Uncle…Boogeyman?” And this causes him to stop. The only thing he had ever cared about in that house, the only thing that gave him a sense of “everything’s going to turn out ok” was his little sister. And the girl laying in front of him brings those memories back. He has put his guard down so much after returning to his childhood home, that he takes his mask of and, for the first (and only) time since we are introduced to the character, sheds a single tear. Being only a child when he killed his first victim, those memories stuck with him. They followed him to the building he was kept for his whole life up until he escaped. Then they followed him to Haddonfield. All the way back home.

Video of Scene Mentioned Above

The next example, and probably my favorite, is from the remake of Friday the 13th. After hunting down the teens one by one, we find out that the main character’s sister is being held captive by Jason. The reason? She is wearing his mother’s locket. Jason and his mom were very close, and watching her die pushed him over the edge, hence why he now kills everyone who goes to Crystal Lake. But with the girl slightly resembling his mom, and the locket around her neck, Jason gets this idea that she is his mom. And after a fight with the main character, Jason is being held by a chain, slowly being pulled towards the blades of a wood-chipper. He reaches out to the character whom resembles his mother, while slowly moving towards his “death.” I actually felt sorry for him. All he ever wanted was his mommy. (In Freddy vs. Jason, a Freddy pretending to be his mom was the only thing able to bring back Jason from the dead.) Since Jason was a young boy when he was killed, his “grown up” self still acts like, and at times appears to have the mind of, young Jason. The Jason who went to have fun at Camp Crystal Lake summer camp. The Jason who was close to his mother, and had to watch her die in the very place he did.

Video of Scene Mentioned Above

Send us an owl: Can you think of other examples of villains whose childhood memories come back to haunt them? What does this make you think about humanity as a whole? #GeekPhilosophy


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