One of the Best Weeks of Maddie’s Life, Brought to You by Grey Havens YA!

hogwarts prep article

Take a look at this recent article in The Longmont Times-Call about our recent magical summer camp! Here is some more of the feedback our young adults received on the magical camping experience they created:

“My son participated in the Hogwarts Preparatory Academy, and I wanted to inform you of how impressed I was. Right from the beginning I knew it was going to be a completely magical time for him. That magic stayed throughout the whole week. He had a wonderful time, and he still is talking about it.”  -Stacie F.

“My daughter was looking forward to her Hogwarts camp for months and I’m happy to say she thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve loved listening to her talk about all the activities (and then showing the rest of us spells, potions, palming reading, etc). Thank you for such a fabulous experience, it completely exceeded my expectations!!” -Muggle Mom

“I think this was one of the best camps either of my kids have yet attended. Your creativity and attention to detail just made it so fun and magical! [My daughter] loved it! It was great! She says to continue doing everything! She also says, ‘I think you should remember to clean out your cauldron next time.'” -Angela J.

Yes! Next time we WILL remember to clean out our cauldron!

And that’s not all! One of our assistant professors, 145Barbarian, put this video together to showcase the camp. Check it out, and journey to Hogwarts Preparatory Academy for yourself:
“Hey everyone! I am happy to present a video I made for Hogwarts Preparatory Academy. Though the pictures might not be the best quality, I’m proud of the video.”

For more information about Grey Havens YA programming, including at the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center, visit our Community Programming page.

Grey Havens YA has been invited back to host Hogwarts Prep next year. Some students want to sign up now! The problem is that we don’t know that our group will be ready by the summer of 2016 to repeat and improve upon this very detailed, labor-intensive camp. Can you help us to create the time and resources to meet demand? Thank you for helping us to make magic!


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