End-of-Summer Awesome!

New Doctor Who is materializing on TV screens this fall and, before that, the educational adventure will resume for those of you going back to school. Do you need some AWESOME to ease the transition? Here are books recommended for young adult readers by patrons of the Longmont Public Library, courtesy of the Awesome Box!

school reunion gif

The Amulet series is an exceptionally popular series of graphic novels that is recommended for readers as young as 8, but engaging enough for readers of all ages.

A very astute patron recommended the Doctor Who television series, entertaining imaginative teens since 1963! You might also want to get on board with Twelve Doctors, Twelve Stories, an anthology of stories by some very well-known Whovians. There is one story for each Doctor, except for the War Doctor, that is. Quick! Someone write some fan fiction!

war doctor gif

A very enthusiastic patron recommended The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter for “teens looking for a good read about the Greek gods.” She added that the book “involved love, mystery, murder, and tests!” School exams are nothing next to the seven tests our main character has to endure!

For another action-packed take on the supernatural, try The Last Apprentice series by Joseph Delaney, recommended for readers age 11 and up.

Watch this space for the final Awesome Box post–a round-up of all the best recommendations from the 2014-2015 school year from Saint Vrain Valley school district readers. When that first day of school arrives, strap on your best geek-themed backpack and allons-y!

allons-y french gif


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