East McDonald Islands

Círdan’s note: The NerdyBalrog brings us a rare treat. He writes, “This story is my Middle-Earth McDonalds story translated into French, then Polish, then Vietnamese, then Greek, then Korean, then Latin, then Turkish, then Arabic, then Urdu, and then back into English. It was all translated in Google Translate.”

What an fascinating experiment! It reminds me of our discussion about constructed languages and universal translators. Feel free to pull up the original story and view these two side by side– and then leave us your comments below about the similarities and differences you noticed. What did this make you think about the nature of language and translation?

This was the beginning of the fourth century. Once again they may not fit your territory. King Elessar Gondor and the king chose the Arno. Boone was a massive fortress. But the question remains: It’s a good middle ground for dinner

Boone heard a bomb in the Supreme. It’s the most productive, our life can be for food. Gates is just fantastic food! Gates expertise that can be spread visited a lot of places. McDonald’s is created. Uncle and brother operated a restaurant Hui son’s name. Some new challenges, but the foolish.

First, a McDonald’s Rivendell (certainly not the last, but) come. In fact, the first McDonald’s Rivendell. McDonald’s opened a lot. Chicken Fingers, and quarter-inch guns hit the Big Mac hamburger is very flat. Very close to the first creatures to cook with the effort made by McDonald’s to be affected. A few months after the beginning of love, the McDonald began to spread more quickly! McDonald was a great success!

After you make a gift of McDonald’s has been effective for thousands of years. Gates actually achieve the dream. I enjoyed the food (and I mean the whole world). McDonald lines always remember:

The taste of salt
All are open.
This peaceful
Vegetables severe hunger.
In the past, the meat must be met,
Places to Balaheul.

Send us an owl: What do you think Professor Tolkien would think about this translation experiment?


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