What a Nerd Looks Like: Confidence and Friendship

Have you been following our #ThisIsWhatANerdLooksLike campaign? It’s really taking off, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’re continuing to share some great pictures on our Facebook and Twitter. We’re even bringing this campaign to the people and asking Longmont community members one question: How do you nerd? We had a great time at the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center this weekend, and we’ll be at the Longmont Library’s Summer Reading Kickoff on May 21st. Thank you everyone for your awesome support!

In case you missed it, here’s the essay from Ethan that started it all. You’ll also want to check out our second essay from Eliza here. But that’s not all– check out our third essay from Roxy too. And now we’re going to share another one with you!

Robyn here. I would like to take a moment to personally introduce our next essay from Katie and Jayne. This friendship between two of our YA members warms my heart, and their confidence inspires me. When I was a young adult nerd, I never had such confidence in myself that I see in these two, and it is a privilege to watch them thrive in their element. Come see us all at Denver Comic Con on Sunday, May 24th!

We are awesome, and everyone needs to know this. Okay, not everyone. We aren’t really as egotistical as Tony Stark, but we do not hide our tendency to be rather epic. Our fuel comes from passion, a power so intense it could power a T.A.R.D.I.S. Various forms of nerd culture are at the  center of our existence. Being a nerd is part of who we are.

Our lives revolve around nerd culture. Without that passion as a driving force, our lives would be quite dull and boring (not very fun…). Starting back from when our young minds were ready to be filled, fandoms opened up. Even before we knew it was LARPing and fangirling, we were pretending to be wizards or superheroes. Places like game stores, comic shops, and most importantly, conventions, are where we find our people, where we fit in. These places are all but native to us. With lifelong nerdiness and leading lives involving frequent and joyful interactions with other nerd lifeforms, we are great candidates for the ComicCon panel.

In addition to being nerdy through and through, we are really attractive. Okay, okay, that sounds ridiculously self-centered of us. But the primary point of such a bold statement is that we can pull off some pretty epic cosplays! This means some fun banter and awesome, convincing acting; it is natural for us to slide into character. We are also really good at bouncing off of what the other says, and the conversation doesn’t really die. Beside that point, this means some pretty awesome and interested nerdy people – being a human magnet can work here! I don’t know about you, but more people in the audience is better- come for the attractive people and stay for the epic nerdiness! Drawing others in and having some pretty great entertainment is definitely excellent. Also, did I mention that we are super humble?

A main part of our usefulness in a panel situation comes from our communication. Our communication skills are more than efficient. With a combination of the previously mentioned easy banter and ability to respond well and nicely, the conversation will continue to thrive in a nicely simple way. Even with the occasional strange connection we pull from our deep vortex well of experiences, it is not difficult to tie the discussion back nicely and understandably. Even an odd question can be deciphered by our intricate minds, and we can keep positive up against the potentially very odd comment. We can also present two different arguments and respect both sides without attacking each other. The two of us have a good system of reining each other in if one gets distracted or goes off on a tangent.

We decided to write this essay together because we both want to be on the panel, and neither of us want to be on the panel without the other. At school and at Grey Havens, we are usually seen as a “set.” At school it’s typically Katie and Xan and at Grey Havens it’s Katie and Jayne. Grey Havens YA itself is the reason for this. My (Jayne’s) mum gave me a flyer in October of 2013 about a Fandoms Unite event at the library.  I was planning a totally awesome and geeky mash-up costume, so I had to tell the one person I occasionally talked to in French class all about it (who sported a Thor costume the day I wore some Ironman gear).  She asked what it was for and I told her about the library event, and she immediately wanted to go.  This person was Katie.  I really had no intention of inviting her, but at Fandoms Unite we pretended to be friends because we didn’t really know anyone else, and then we just didn’t stop pretending to be friends.  We initially laughed at the article in the paper about Grey Havens YA because it said “Now, Cook and her good friend Brown run a monthly trivia night during the Longmont Library’s After Dark event.”  We’re not just good friends, we’re Sam and Dean, Loki and Thor, Sherlock and Watson.  And we owe this friendship/brotherhood to Grey Havens YA.

Send us an owl: What’s your nerd story? Do you have any friendships/brotherhoods that were based on/started with Fandoms?


About evermind

Co-Director Grey Havens Group, Inc. (http://greyhavensgroup.com) and it's young adult branch Grey Havens YA (http://greyhavensya.com). Evermind also blogs personally about life, faith, grief, and beauty at Chased by Light: http://evermind.wordpress.com.

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