Four generations of D&D Gamers

Now #ThisIsWhatANerdLooksLike — Four Generations. Enjoy this post from one of the Grey Havens Group members and stay tuned for more essays and poems. Special note on nerd families: If you’re in the Longmont area, stop by the Longmont Museum on Saturday May 9th between 1pm and 3pm to enjoy free admission to the Robots Rising exhibit and stop by our table to tell us how you nerd!

A Philosophical Nonprofit for Everyone!

Less than two weeks ago, The Grey Havens Group and The Grey Havens YA held a Symposium in Niwot Colorado, at the Left Hand Grange. It was an exciting weekend filled with scholarly and nerdy program points for all tastes and ages. We could listen to deep and interesting lectures on myth and fantastic literature, take a creative workshop, listen to beautiful music, look at beautiful art, partake in geeky philosophical thought experiments or listen to writers give tips on the writing process, and much much more.

But one of my favorite parts of this wonderful weekend was the D&D roundtable, and not just because I love D&D and gaming in general, but because I could witness first hand, on this April Saturday how that love of creative gaming interaction has been somehow culturally passed down over several generations by now.

I knew from the very beginning that the roundtable…

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