Bringing Fandom Fun to Your Community

we could be hereGrey Havens YA is steadily preparing for this weekend’s Real Myth and Mithril Symposium, but we are also preparing to do something else: We’re preparing to to take our programming on the road!

This summer, we will be partnering with the Lafayette Public Library in their Summer Reading Program to bring their patrons a Cosplay Workshop. In August, we will also bring them our classic Fandoms Unite programming. We are so excited to share our group’s values beyond our current borders that we’ve created a new page all about one of the ways YOU can bring Grey Havens YA to your community. Check out our new Community Programming page for more information!

Thank you for your continuous support. Being a nerd in Longmont Colorado is a pretty amazing thing right now, and we want to spread the nerd-love to as many young adults as possible– here in Boulder County and BEYOND!

Keep being awesome,
Grey Havens YA


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Co-Director Grey Havens Group, Inc. ( and it's young adult branch Grey Havens YA ( Evermind also blogs personally about life, faith, grief, and beauty at Chased by Light:

3 thoughts on “Bringing Fandom Fun to Your Community

  1. Kelly/Robyn,I love that you are spreading the nerdiness around. We are seriously looking at moving to the Arvada area (Ralston Valley High School area) after next year so Bella can attend High School there. Our seriousness level varies by family member. There are a lot of great things here in Longmont and we’re very comfortable here. However, we wanted to move 3 years ago and delayed so Bella could be at the Middle School here. So, please consider that area when you are looking at where you can expand. I could still bring her back this way on Saturdays – it’s not that far away. But GHGYA is truly one of the things she loves the most and would miss the most. And if there was a group to start up in there area we want to go to, it would make the transition that much easier for Bella. Thanks,Jennifer

    Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2015 22:05:45 +0000 To:


    1. Dear Jennifer, we would love to expand that way, and we could even help Bella form a group of her own in that area. We will keep Arvada in our sights…. Thank you for letting us know. We would be very sad to see Bella go, but we know she’ll be a great ambassador for GHGYA wherever she lives! Thanks, Robyn


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