In Praise of Teachers Who Game (and All Other Geeky Teachers)

It is no secret that, at Grey Havens YA and the Grey Havens Group, we love teachers, but we have to confess that our greatest affinity is for the teachers who also call themselves geeks. We love the teachers who use their own precious time to run a D&D or Magic: The Gathering club at school, who create word problems that utilize sickles, galleons and knuts or teach the science of Doctor Who, the ones who teach Shakespeare and Ray Bradbury, the ones who know without a doubt that teaching is their superpower. We just get you, geeky teachers. In fact, we are here, happy and confident in our geekiness, because of you!

At the end of every Grey Havens YA meeting, we share our “fandom moments” from the week. Again and again, the names of beloved geeky teachers come up. On Saturday, April 11, one of those teachers joined us at the Longmont Public Library to celebrate International TableTop Day!

Check out those looks of concentration. Gaming is good for the brain! (Speaking of brains, it was a zombie game.)
Check out those looks of concentration. Gaming is good for the brain! (Speaking of brains, it was a zombie game.)

Here is one of the accounts of the fun that Robyn posted during the event:

There are so many young adults crammed into this tiny room laughing and playing table top games…. We even have teenagers playing with their teacher on a Saturday night. And at the next table, we have 9 YA’s crowded around an RPG. Then we have Star Wars trivia and Magic the Gathering… and finally, Dixit and Fluxx. Laughter, friendships, excitement, and fandom celebration… We couldn’t feel more at home. What a great night!!

emmettabletop   rjchristophertabletop    peter gaming

Just the Saturday before, at our book discussion meeting, we talked about gaming and how it teaches us empathy and an appreciation of consequences. Members spoke with conviction about what gaming has taught them. They also spoke with conviction about what being geeky means to them, about how important it is to them to have a place where they can share their interests and how their imaginations are ignited by teachers who share their enthusiasm for the imaginary worlds of science fiction and fantasy.

dixit    star wars trivia

As a way to support and encourage geeky teachers, Grey Havens YA and the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center will be hosting a Geek and Cultural Resources Fair, featuring a panel of teachers who use fandom culture to inspire their students. In anticipation of that event on September 20, we created what promises to be a fun and informative Facebook group for geeky teachers who want to exchange ideas. If you are a teacher who loves science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comic books or if, in the words of John Green, you are just “enthusiastic about the miracle of human consciousness,” this group is for you! The group is open to all educators–teachers at all levels, school librarians and administrative staff, homeschoolers and all who believe that the imagination is an essential component of education. If you fit this description, please join. If you know someone who does, please share.

Geeky teachers unite! Allons-y!

Don’t forget that our upcoming geek culture symposium is free to all Saint Vrain Valley School District employees (lunch for both days is included). Just register online then show your SVVSD i.d. at the door!

For more information about the Geek Culture Fair or to be included in the panel, phone the TARDIS!

Send us an owl: What is your favorite memory of a geeky teacher? 


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