Why YOU Should Host a Grey Havens YA Event!

Hint: We can handle anything from a light rain to the zombie apocalypse. 


Grey Havens YA is a very busy group. We put on lots of events, including book discussions, workshops, fundraisers, gaming nights, Fandoms Unite and even (along with the other chapters of the Grey Havens Group) a symposium! Our partners include the Longmont Public Library, Barbed Wire Books, Lucky’s Market, La Vita Bella Coffee, The Longmont Museum and Cultural Center and the Lafayette Library. Once, we even took our Geek Show to a Longmont Park (that is where the light rain came in).

On Valentine’s Day, in addition to hosting the FANtastically fun fandom workout, Fitness for Nerds, at the Longmont Library, we hosted a very successful fundraiser in which we matched donors up with a surprise book. It proved to be great practice for a group that is already very good at reaching out to our community. So that you know what to expect if you decide to host Grey Havens YA, here is:

The Grey Havens YA
Guide to Friendly Customer Service

(Note: This was used for our specific book fundraiser, but we plan to continue to edit and use it for all future events!)


1. Greet each potential donor in a friendly manner.

Acceptable: “Live long and prosper,” or “May the force be with you,” or “Greetings, people of Earth.”

Unacceptable: “Members pick the books. Donors shut their cakehole,” or “You will be assimilated,” or “Exterminate.”

2. Remember to thank donors for a donation in ANY amount. We accept cash, checks, gold-pressed latinum, galleons, sickles and knuts. Any donations that appear as if they might be cursed should be placed in a sealed plastic bag for later examination by a specialist or by any handsome duo with FBI badges that appear to be authentic.


3. Please make sure that everyone who takes a book receives a “Rate Your Date” card. Remind them that visiting us online to comment and/or rate their date with a  book is a very important way to help our group but again, please, do not threaten them with deletion, extermination or assimilation if they do not comply.

4. Please encourage them to shop in our host store and to thank the store’s staff for hosting our fundraiser. Please do not imply that an Imperius Curse or any form of mind control was employed in obtaining the space to host this event.

5. Please feel free to perform the skits or sing the songs provided to entertain shoppers or to improvise appropriate ways to show people how fun our table is. Please do not disrupt the flow of traffic or frighten shoppers with live special effects, force choking or sudden dematerialization. Remember that the use of magic in the presence of muggles is expressly prohibited by the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy.

Everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy  good book.
Everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy a good book.

6. Speak enthusiastically about Grey Havens YA/Grey Havens Group and our many events. Anyone can sign up to receive more information about our organization. Do not, under any circumstances, reveal the location of our secret lair.

7. Please provide donors with a receipt if they ask for one. Grey Havens YA is not YET a tax-exempt organization but we are a non-profit association and Ministry-approved.

8. Please sign in and out for your shift with Kelly or Robyn. Make sure that we know how you are getting home. Again, sudden dematerialization is discouraged. Running away with the Doctor is no excuse.

9. Please drink lots of water throughout the day and eat snacks when you are hungry. This is not a good look on anyone.


10. If you run out of books at one location, contact Kelly or Robyn for further instructions. It is possible that books can be transferred between locations. Be patient. The transporters are down. 

11. Please keep tables as tidy as possible, with books sorted according to age range. If a book bites, remember to stroke its spine.


12. In case of an emergency, notify Kelly or Robyn immediately and refer to the emergency contact sheet that will be available at each location. Needing a latte does not constitute an emergency because no one really NEEDS a latte. You know who I’m talking to. 🙂

13. Be respectful of others when filming or taking photos. If someone’s image does not show up in a photo or video, do not panic but notify an adult right away. Staking of vampires and other supernatural creatures is to be left to professionals only.


14. Be respectful of store employees and customers but HAVE FUN!



Send us an owl: Have you had a fun time at a Grey Havens YA event? If we met you at our Blind Date with a Book, please take a moment to Rate Your Date


Send us an owl

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