Spot the AWESOME Box and Win a Prize!

What is an Awesome Box? You can find lots of details here but, in short, it is a mysterious blue box that travels through time and space in search of good books to read. Usually, the Awesome Box visits school and public libraries but we have heard a rumor that one has been spotted at a local business. The first three people to spot THAT box somewhere in Longmont, Colorado then like our Facebook page and leave a comment stating, “I spotted the Awesome Box” will each win a prize worth $20!


We will need to be able to send you a Facebook message or email verifying that you did indeed spot the box and not a decoy. We would love to see a picture of  you with the Awesome Box and, while you are there, we hope you will help the box to fulfill its mission by leaving behind a book recommendation. Good luck spotting the box. If you happen to also meet its occupant, tell him he owes us a visit!

man of mystery

P.S. If no one has spotted the box in a week, we will start leaving clues in comments so come back to this page if you need a little extra help!

**Unfortunately, members of Grey Havens YA, the Grey Havens Group and their families are not eligible to win the prize.**

Happy hunting!


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