We Apologize for the Interruption in the AWESOME!

If you know our Grey Havens Ya Awesome Box, you probably know that it is always on duty. The Awesome Box never takes a break. It is always there, in a library somewhere in the universe, waiting to discover all of the worlds that reading opens to us. We at Grey Havens YA, however, can sometimes get a little distracted. We have been busy preparing for our fabulous Blind Date with a Book fundraiser that took place on Valentine’s Day, a new activity called Fitness for Nerds that took place that very same evening and our upcoming Real Myth Symposium. That is why our report from the Awesome Box parked at Frederick High School is coming to you just a tad bit late.

fitness for nerds volunteers
Here are some of our volunteers preparing for Fitness for Nerds.
jack running
We want to be in shape in case we have to run for another blue box when it suddenly appears.

Here, at last, are some of the books that students at Frederick High School thought were AWESOME.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. In an articulate review, this book was described as being about “[a]n independent, intelligent young woman in 18th century England who refuses to conform to society’s standards.” It is recommended for “anyone who likes complex, relatable, characters and some witty humor.”

brilliant doctor gif

Into the Wild by John Krakaur was recommended with the endorsement, “Chasing dreams, yo!” We agree that this inspirational adventure tale is about exactly that and would appeal to anyone who has ever dreamed of setting off on a life-changing journey. You don’t even need a blue box to do it!

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson was recommended for “those who love plot twists.” The Doctor adores plots twists like the ones in this book of complicated magic. In fact, he believes that the universe is full of them!


Finally, the Awesome Box received a strong recommendation for Mistborn, the first of a trilogy also by Brandon Sanderson. “It was amazing. Every detail matters. It was a twist of suspense and action.”

We at Grey Havens YA very much appreciated the thoughtfulness of the book suggestions made by FHS students. There are more to come, not only from Frederick but from Mead High School, Westview Middle School, Altona Middle School and the Longmont Library. The Awesome Box is currently visiting two others schools in the area. We hope to have enough recommendations to take you all the way through the summer! Allons-y!

Send Us an Owl: What do you think of these books? Do you have suggestions of your own?


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