Thank You for Letting Us Set You Up on a Blind Date!

On Valentine’s Day, 2015, Grey Havens YA hosted a fundraiser called Blind Date with a Book. In exchange for a donation of any amount, our members provided an adventurous reader with a book they had never met before.

Of course, we want to thank our incredibly generous hosts, Barbed Wire Books and Lucky’s Market. We have had a fruitful relationship with Barbed Wire Books from our group’s beginning, and this is not the first time Lucky’s Market has shown our group its generosity. We look forward to long and happy partnerships with both of them.



We also want to take the time, however, to thank our donors. Every single one of you who provided us with a donation in any amount and bravely walked away with an unidentified book wrapped in brown paper gave us more than you may ever know. You gave us encouragement. You taught something very important to our young members and their families–to the ones who worked hard to prepare for the event, who stood in front of stores for hours greeting customers until their voices were almost gone, who dressed up in costume, sang, acted and read stories to entertain the crowds.

Even if, in place of a monetary donation, you offered them a kind word or a show interest in our group, you showed our members that we can engage with the community of Longmont, that you care about what we are trying to accomplish at Grey Havens YA, that you value literacy and imagination as much as we do, and that you believe Grey Havens YA is doing the right thing in giving our young members a place to belong, explore their interests and express themselves. Thank you, Longmont!

019 bdwab customers

You might be interested to learn what we plan to do with all that cash. Thanks to you, we raised more than $700!

→Firstly, the money we raised will help us to present our upcoming symposium, a low-cost exploration of imaginative literature and fandom culture that, not only advances our group’s mission and provides our young members an opportunity to shine…

→But it will also help us to raise a little more money so that we can provide the supplies and expertise necessary to host a Harry Potter Summer Camp at the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center.

→Proceeds from the summer camp will fund books and activities for our current members…

AND, most importantly, those proceeds will help to cover all of the expenses that come with the complex process of changing our organization’s status from a non-profit association to a fully fledged 501C3 tax-exempt organization.

Becoming a 501C3 will open many fundraising and grant opportunities for Grey Havens Group and Grey Havens YA, allowing us to expand activities for our current members, bring in new members from our growing waiting list, and even create new chapters. The future we imagine for ourselves is finding a building that will serve both as a community center and as a base from which we can spread our values of literacy, imagination, community and inclusion across Colorado and the country. As our mission statement says, “Nothing was ever made by human hands or realized in the intellect that was not first conceived of in the imagination.” That tells us that, with your help, we can make this wonderful thing that we imagine into a reality! If you’re interested partnering with us some more, please visit our support page.

Thank you again to Barbed Wire Books, Lucky’s Market and all our friends in Longmont, Colorado! We appreciate you very much! After you finish the book you received from us at our fundraiser, please return here to Rate your Date!

christopher bdwab

Watch this space for more photos and some entertaining videos from our event!

Send Us an Owl: Did you attend Blind Date with a Book or have you met Grey Havens YA elsewhere in your community? Tell us about it!


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