Grey Havens YA Welcomes our First Guest Speaker

Did you know that one of Dr. Watson’s Neglected Patients joined us around the Grey Havens YA table last week? That’s right, Dr. Elisha Conant shared her Sherlockian expertise as she led us in a discussion of “The Speckled Band.”

ghyaDr. Conant showed us her annotated collections and talked about the realm of Sherlockian scholarship that set out to determine the exact dates and times of events in the stories and studied under the assumption that Sherlock was real and Doyle was his editor. We learned through textual clues and historical research that the adventure of “The Speckled Band” occurred on Friday, April 6, 1883.

Dr. Conant also talked to us about the fan culture surrounding Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories and how  Sherlock gave rise to some of the first ever “fanfiction” called pastiches. It seemed that Doyle’s 19th-century audience liked to fangirl as much as we do now in the 21st century.

Another aspect of Holmes culture we explored were the many adaptations of Holmes in the media. Dr. Conant showed us clips from four different adaptations of “The Speckled Band,” and the differences were fascinating.

We enjoyed talking about fantasy and fandoms, about those stories that feel so real and important to us that the become  a part of us. Thank you for facilitating a wonderful discussion, Elisha!


Send us an owl: What other topics would you like guest speakers to talk about in the future? If you were there on Saturday, what was your favorite part of the discussion? Do you know of any possible guests, or would you like to be a guest yourself? Please let us know!


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