Longmont High School Presents: Sherlock!

Círdan’s note: One of our members wants to spread the word about their high school production of a Sherlock play!

As some of you may know, Longmont High School will be putting on a play about Sherlock Holmes.  Some of the characters include Sherlock Holmes (obviously), John Watson, Moriarty, and more!  Tickets will be sold at the school 30 minutes prior to the curtain call/beginning; adults’ and seniors’ tickets will be sold for $8 and students’ tickets will be sold for $5.  The first showing is on January 30th starting at 7 PM.  On January 31st, there will be two showings taking place: at 1:30 PM and another at 7 PM.

The play is a comedy with smart humor; it is also loosely based on the story The Scandal in Bohemia by Arthur Conan Doyle, of course!  It will take place in the Albert E. James Memorial auditorium; the entrance is on the south side of the school (with the large parking lot next to the tennis courts).

Hope you all can make it!

Send us an owl: Are you coming to the show?