Wreath of Khan Birthday Spectacular

Greetings! We hope you all had a very wonderful Holiday Season and that you have a blessed, happy, and nerdy New Year!

Speaking of nerdy… Did you know that this past week, Grey Havens YA was featured in not one, but TWO local newspapers?

You can see the article AND photos at The Boulder Daily Camera and The Longmont Times Call. (You will be more likely to be able to read the entire article on The Daily Camera. However, in the Times Call, we were featured on the front page!)

Did you also know that you can now Like Grey Havens YA on Facebook? We’ve got over 100 likes already!

And now for the main event: Wreath of Khan!

IMG_20141219_215116_540On  Friday, December 19th, Grey Havens YA culminated Birthday Season with one final shebang– a party featuring the Star Trek original series episode, “Space Seed,” followed by Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan.

The newspaper articles were about Grey Havens YA as a whole, but their lucky photographer got to come to our party and take pictures– so please see the article for even more birthday fun.

It was a fantastic night! We had lots of yummy food, cosplay, puppets, and laughter. Members invited their family, friends, and even their geeky teachers!

geeky teacher card frontIMG_20141215_213323_263Our very own Wreath of Khan.

IMG_20141219_180758_708  IMG_20141219_180359_363  IMG_20141219_180825_570

Everybody wanted a picture with Spock!

IMG_20141219_180813_547We had a great bagpipe player!

IMG_20141219_180837_453 IMG_20141219_183009_424 (1)Even our geeky parents joined the fun!

Thank you all for a FANTASTIC celebration! Kelly and I are so grateful to see Grey Havens YA flourish like this. It has been an incredible year,  and we look forward to many more.

Live long and prosper, Grey Havens YA! We are certain that you will.

Send us an owl: What was your favorite part of the birthday celebration? What are you excited about for Grey Havens YA’s second year?


About evermind

Co-Director Grey Havens Group, Inc. (http://greyhavensgroup.com) and it's young adult branch Grey Havens YA (http://greyhavensya.com). Evermind also blogs personally about life, faith, grief, and beauty at Chased by Light: http://evermind.wordpress.com.

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