Fandombombing the Library!

How are you celebrating SuperWhoLockiday this year? What? You don’t observe this geeky, fabulous day paying tribute to all we love about Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock? Well, if you want to start, we at Grey Havens YA can show you how!

First, two of our members, Katie and Jayne, fandombombed the Longmont Library, placing photos of SuperWhoLock characters all over the place, including some places you might not expect and some where our guests had to search to find the photo to win a prize. Next, they hosted a SuperWhoLock Extravaganza, with trivia, caption contests, amazing videos, sing-along songs and more! Here are some photos from the event.

Happy SuperWhoLockiday!



IMG_20141213_180203_394 (1)IMG_20141213_183151_701IMG_20141213_183049_410 (1)



IMG_20141213_180142_446 (1)

IMG_20141213_180103_622   IMG_20141213_180120_777IMG_20141213_180021_665



Send us an owl: Did you attend SuperWhoLockiday? What was your favorite part?


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