Grey Havens YA Makes Time for Kids


Well, we prefer to call them “young adults” but on November 21, Robyn Bosica (evermind) was honored by the City of Longmont with the “Make Time for Kids Award” for her work with Grey Havens YA. At the time of the original ceremony, Robyn was busy making time for kids so a group of her fans from GHYA accepted the award on her behalf.

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We wanted to be sure that Robyn knows how much we appreciate her, however, so we held our own ceremony the very next day at our book discussion meeting. The award was presented by our faithful dragon mascot (who, for some reason, spoke in a somewhat unconvincing British accent) while each of our members gave Robyn his or her personal thanks for her dedication to our group and its mission of LITERACY-IMAGINATION-COMMUNITY-INCLUSIVENESS.



The City of Longmont also wanted to be sure that Robyn knows how much they appreciate the work she does so they held yet another ceremony on the following Monday. Here Robyn is receiving the award from Ben Ready of the Longmont Youth Council, Longmont’s Director of Community Services and the Director of Children and Teen Services at the Longmont Public Library. Well done, Robyn!


“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” -Gandalf the Grey

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