Sharing the Love of Fandoms

katie fandoms unite

Once a month, the members of Grey Havens YA reach out to the youth of Longmont, Colorado by hosting an event called Fandoms Unite at the Longmont Public Library’s Teen Night. In October, our members turned Fandoms Unite into the best kind of classroom–a fandom classroom!

On their own and in teams, Grey Havens YA members created and presented a guide to nerd lingo, an introduction to conversational Judoon, a guide to anime actors, how to start playing Magic: The Gathering even if you are on a budget, an introduction to the decades-old Star Trek fandom and a crash course in monsterology. Fandom Classes were well-researched, well-presented and everyone went home a little more knowledgeable than when they came in. We all know that being a nerd is not about what you love; it’s about how you love it but, sometimes, you just need to share what you love! Now, if you’ll excuse me, there are some rhino-horned creatures marching down my block. Good thing I know how to talk to them!

Here are links to some of the information-filled slideshows created for the Fandom Classes!

Anime Voice Actors

How to Get into Magic: The Gathering AND Nerd Lingo WITH Con Survival

Star Trek


Peter (aka Nerdy Balrog) taught us so much that we don’t even need to use this Judoon translator!

As a bonus, here is a presentation on dragons created by Grey Havens YA members last June. Dragonlore comes in handy in more situations than you might think!


Send us an owl: What fandom-related topic would you most like to learn about? What would you like to teach?


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