Middle-Earth McDonalds

It was the dawn of the Fourth Age. The Men of Middle-Earth had organized themselves once more. King Elessar had been crowned king of Gondor and Arnor. The dwarves had taken their place in their great fortresses. Yet one problem still remained: How shall the species of Middle-Earth get flavorful food?

The answer came from an old well known dwarf named Bombur. He had been fat for most of his days from eating more food than was good for him. Bombur thought food was the greatest thing to ever have existed! Bombur wanted to spread all the great delicacies from the many places he had visited. He created a restaurant named McDonalds. He named this restaurant after his Great Great Uncle’s Granddaughter’s horse. This new idea sparked interest in some, but others thought it foolish.

The first (but CERTAINLY not last) McDonalds appeared where Rivendell once stood. Actually, Rivendell BECAME the first McDonalds. Many a creature arrived at McDonalds on it’s grand opening. They were served many a great delicacies, including Chicken Nuggets, Big Macs, and Quarter Pounder Burgers. The first creatures to try the food were so impressed, that they asked for more McDonalds restaurants, especially near their homes. Only a few months after opening the first restaurant, McDonalds started spreading faster than rabbits! McDonalds had become a huge success!

McDonalds has remained a success until today, thousands of years after it was formed. Bombur’s original dream has been fulfilled. The world (and I mean the ENTIRE world) can now enjoy great food. Always remember the McDonalds poem:

All that is salty is tasty,
Not all those who eat are hungry;
The people that are full still eat,
Deep hunger is not reached by the vegetables.
From the meat a stomach shall be satisfied,
A happiness from the stomach shall spring;
Renewed shall be fullness that disappeared,
The hungry again shall be full.

ME MickyD


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Being a nerd is great! All kinds of amazing things to do! Who doesn't like playing video games, reading books, watching movies, and being extremely funny? By the way, the letter B is cool!

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