Cultivating Respect in Fandom Culture


Recently our members have brought up the value of respect in Fandom Culture. At Grey Havens YA, we remind each other weekly that it’s not about what you love, but how you love it. We also foster an open and accepting community for nerds all along the spectrum of any given fandom; we welcome Humans, Dragons, Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, Balrogs, Trekkies, Bronies, Wizards, Rangers, Timelords, Sontarans, Slytherins, Hufflepuffls, Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, Gryffin-puffs, and anything in between.

However, it is not so easy to ensure that all-inclusive respect during our larger community events like Fandoms Unite. We have new attendees and people who may not know all the values Grey Havens YA stands for. Our members have noticed this, and brought it to our attention. We asked them if they’d be willing to write a skit about Fandom Respect and share it and the next Fandoms Unite. They did so, and we also asked them to share it at Geek Show. We aim to start off every event now with a reminder that being a nerd is about how you love it, and whatever you love is totally okay and welcome.

Below is the transcript of the skit written by demonicdragon and geekygeeknerd. We also have a small clip of the skit available on our new YouTube Channel.

 Starring Sam and Dean from Supernatural.

Sam: Hi, I’m Sam.
Dean: And I’m Dean.
Sam: We are totally officials from the FBI… *shows badges*
Dean: And we are investigating fandom prejudice!

Scene One

Sam: *Watching My Little Pony*
Dean: Dude… what are you doing?
Sam: Shut up, it’s a good show! Jerk.
Dean: B- uhhh…. OK so why are you watching a little girls show?
Sam: Well sure, it’s marketed towards younger girls but actually it has an interesting plot and relatable characters.
Dean: …*Is watching the screen*
*Two Hours Later*
Dean: These ponies man… I mean, I really connect with Rarity..
Sam: See, I told you to give it a chance, now look at you!
Dean: *Holds up a stuffed pony*
Sam: So you agree, that it’s ok to be a brony?
Dean: Yeah, as long as we aren’t shoving into peoples faces, I’m cool with it.
Sam: Exactly! *Holds up his stuffed pony. They sit down to watch.*

Scene Two.

Dean: *Reading Harry Potter.*
Sam: *Walks in* What are you reading?
Dean: *Shuts book quickly* What? Nothing…
Sam: Oh hey, I love those books! I just did a sorting hat quiz, you should take it!
Dean: Uh, Sure. *few minutes later* I’m in Slytherin, awesome!
Sam: Well that fits you, that’s where all the evil ones go!
Dean: You’re so housest! *rant about lack of evil in Slytherin and such* Sure, Slytherins are typically evil because of their cunning ambition. But there have been plenty of Slytherins that haven’t gone bad and plenty of people in other houses that have. Slytherins are so great! And I mean, Snape wasn’t evil. *Puts on Slytherin scarf and tries to remain manly.*
Sam: How many times have you read the series…?
Dean: *counts* *changes subject* So what house did you get?
Sam: …um…. *mutters* Hufflepuff
Dean: What was that?
Dean: Is there something wrong with hufflepuff?
Sam: Dean… it’s Hufflepuff! Who has a badger as a mascot?
Dean: *passionate rant about how cool hufflepuffs are* Okay, first of all, Badgers are kind of scary, man. I mean, they bite! And second of all, you are in the house of the great Helga Hufflepuff. How dare you think that Hufflepuff isn’t amazing? Hufflepuffs are great. You’re awesome you’re a Hufflepuff, therefore Hufflepuffs are awesome!
Sam: *Proudly puts on Hufflepuff scarf*
Sam and Dean: *High five!*

Conclusion. Sam and Dean take comments from the audience about Fandoms.
Sam: Ok. *choose people to answer* *mark it down* *shows Dean*
Dean: WRONG!
Sam: What he means is… It doesn’t matter if you like one thing differently than someone else.
Dean: Yeah, or even if you dislike something… What matters is that every fandom should be respected.
Sam: And that we shouldn’t be Jerks *looks at Dean* about things we don’t agree on.



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