The Greatest Show in the Galaxy!

Greetings, fans and followers of Grey Havens YA. It is my privilege to report that Geek Show was a tremendous success! Last Saturday, a local park in Longmont, Colorado was taken over by nerds of all ages. We hung “Nerds/Geek Crossing” signs and artwork along clothesline hung between trees, we had a designated water-balloon area, we sold fandom food, books, and gifts. Most importantly, the members of Grey Havens YA got to show off their talents…rain or shine! Photos to come, for sure— but right now, I just want to share with you where you can find out more about our members’ amazing talents.

(Sign by smaugwithablog.)

We had a great MC and MLP-Trivia-Master, dracos0. Check out more of his work here.

Did you like the artwork on display? Here’s one post where you can see more of it. And here’s another. And another!

Did you like the story of the Void? Did it inspire you to share your own stories of encountering this mysterious force? Check out the story here and add your own to the comments.

How about the Story of the Nerdy Balrog? Wasn’t it just incredible? You can read it again here.

Did you see those storyboards designed by one of our members and listen to his genius ideas? He also wrote a hauntingly fantastic poem that you can read here.

What about that amazing video, What Does the Spock Say? Our talented vidoegrapher, spock0528 also made us a brilliant video logo to use on all of our future videos! Check it out:

Each letter represents a different fandom, can you guess them all??  Also be sure to check out another amazing fan-video about Doctor Who by 145Barbarian.

And finally…did you enjoy the play written and directed by one of our members? I bet you’ll love the skit we wrote and performed for Tolkien Reading Day!

We also had some incredible musical performances and a skit about respect in fandom culture (coming soon). I repeat, photos to come! Thank you all for a magnificent day and a marvelous show!

(Also, Ravenclaw won the House Cup! Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure. ^_^)

Send us an owl: What was your favorite part of Geek Show?!?!?!


About cirdangreyhavensya

I am the shipwright of Grey Havens YA, helping our blog stay up to date. Sometimes I like to post at the request of the administrators, badgaladriel and evermind. Other times, I post on behalf of our amazing members. Grey Havens YA: Literacy, Imagination, Community, Inclusion. "Being a nerd is not about what you love, it's about how you love it!"- Wil Wheaton.

5 thoughts on “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy!

  1. It is almost impossible to name my favorite part of Geek Show. If I had to list something, it would be how we all pulled together to make the day magical! I got to watch as this amazing group of people showed up in the park, put on an incredible show and sale then disappeared without leaving behind even a single busted water balloon. Everyone worked very hard and, when Grey Havens YA families work hard, wonderful things happen!


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