Doctor, a poem

Cirdan’s note: While enjoying my stay on a planet called The Library, I came across this lovely and mysterious poem about an old savior known only as… The Doctor. Thank you, demonicdragon!


There was a time
When an old man
Sat upon a cloud

The traditions of old
Kept once again
Watch, never interfere

Hiding from pain
The old man stays
A flimsy throne of sky

There comes a time
Every old king must
Fall like an angel

A silent cry echoes
A child in the dark
Tears that can’t stop

The old one jumps
Wise in his ways
Here to help

Neither can escape
Nightmares or fears
Enough to extinguish

Every shadow must be
Cast by a light
A beacon of hope

Together to wish away
The cracks that threaten
To crumble the world

A shield of laughter
Love holds strong
But all must end

They didn’t want to go
Parting brings sadness
An empty man again

There will always be light
Shining for the old one
He travels to save themdoctor by katie

Send us an owl: What’s your favorite line from this poem and why? How does it make you feel about the Doctor? P.S. Do you want to see more of Grey Havens YA’s creative awesomeness? Be sure to come to Geek show!


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