Doctor Who Fanfic Ch. 1: The Bump


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Chapter 1: The Bump

It started that day, excitement, fun, pushed to my max and far past it. Life brighter than a star. Before, I had a mundane life, simple and pleasant. I wanted more, but I couldn’t complain. My life became complicated because I made it that way. I followed people I didn’t know, and only if they annoyed me in one way or another. My favorite people to follow were the aliens.

We had met aliens two years before my birth. The nerds of this world (I am also a nerd) found a way to send a signal to aliens where we could both send and receive it. The nerds may have tricked the government by not telling them about it, and we had good reason to, as that humans were foolish and acted arrogantly (we would have tried to kill them and have a war of the worlds on our hands). We did have some problems, yes, but we worked it out in the end.

But today, I followed an alien. I thought he was an interesting human, but no. He was one-hundred-percent alien. Why did I follow him? He bumped into me, didn’t even look back, just kept on walking like I was a tree or something. I didn’t like that, not one bit. So I did the most logical thing and followed him.

It was still early, one or so, and I went to see my more-than-friend, who was more-than-busy. So I had free time, to stalk people like this random John Doe.

He turned a corner, walking fast. Worried I would lose him, I sped up to the corner and looked to see John Doe looking at me. “Why hello young boy, what are you doing following me?”

He caught me. I was only caught once before, and I didn’t like it; I never got caught. Never by an average John Doe. Little did I know, this was no John Doe, he was known well (in the alien world). I tried responding with wit: “Umm… I was, you were, I, no, bumped, dragon–” Underline tried, I don’t even know why I said dragon.

“Two things: Why is a fifteen year old boy following me? And how did he know?” He gave two questions, expected two answers.

I did the best thing to do in my situation, I winged it. Stepping up, I responded cool and comely, “I can’t answer your first question because there is no fifteen year old after you. As to your second question, it was obvious.”

Now that caught his attention. “You’re around fifteen, how long till your birthday, and yes, I now know your fourteen, also, how is it obvious that I’m an alien?”

I thought a bit, trying to look bored at his impatient look. “My birthday is tomorrow, and you just told me.” Ha, how was that for a response.

“Wait, wait, wait. Tomorrow is your birthday, and you made a big deal about how you were still fourteen. Most kids look at their birth days and say ‘Woo hoo, I’m a year older,’ and you act like it is the end of the world. But most of all, YOU LIED LIKE A RUG, SAYING YOU KNEW I WAS AN ALIEN!!!!!!!” He was practically screaming right now.

“Yeah,” short and simple. “So what’s your name?” I found him very interesting.

Stunned silence, “The Doctor, I’m the Doctor.”

“Like from Doctor Who.”

“Yeah. You watch old shows from your country?”

“Totally, but you do know that it still is going on right? You’re on your eighteenth regeneration.”

“Well, you ready for an adventure?” he asked with an evil smile on his face.

“The question is if you’re ready,” I said.

That was the beginning of forever, because you end up with him one way or another, forever.

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