Coming Soon from the Great Minds of Grey Havens YA!

On July 26, Grey Havens YA presents Geek Show, the greatest show in the galaxy!


Geek Show will feature completely original live performances, all created and presented by the talented members of Grey Havens YA and all paying tribute to your favorite fandoms! There will also be an intergalactic Bizarre Bazaar with fandom-themed treats, crafts, and even water balloons (for use in designated water balloon areas only). This is going to be an afternoon of fun, not just in the Colorado sun, but in the imagination!

Geek Show will also feature an exhibit of some of our members’ amazing art. Look at what they came up with just during our last planning meeting:

doctor by katieBy demonicdragon!

SCAN0002By slenderchibi!

ME MickyDBy the Nerdybalrog!

(He tells us that their MAY be a related story to follow–NO PRESSURE!)

Watch this blog for exciting new Doctor Who fan fiction, more about Geek Show AND a report from our recent Dragon Tales event (including the story of the “Incredible Iguana Incident of 2014,” you won’t want to miss it)!

P.S. Have you seen our first ever video? Stay updated on our fundraising campaign here.

Send us an owl: How do you think the Doctor is feeling in the drawing above? Lonely? Optimistic? Wistful? Why do you think the artist chose to use the color red to portray the Doctor? Phone the TARDIS: Are you coming to Geek Show?!?!?!?!


5 thoughts on “Coming Soon from the Great Minds of Grey Havens YA!

  1. Of course I’m coming to Geek show!! :3 I think The Doctor was feeling happy. Not a normal kind of happy, more like an “At last” happy. He can finally stop running… 🙂


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