Coming soon: Dragon Tales!

Did you know that the members of Grey Havens YA are certified experts on dragons? We gathered together a few weeks ago to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for all things draconic. We will be presenting our findings at the Longmont Public Library on Tuesday June 17, 2014 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Anyone between grades 6 through 8 are welcome to attend! Please register at the Library.

Here are some samples of our work. Below you will find factual sketches by awesomediginerd:

And here we see some members hard at work researching Dragon Lairs:

We also examined a dragon model for further study constructed by demonicdragon.

We are prepared for a fascinating discussion full of myth, lore, crafts, and science. See you on June 17th!

Send us an owl: What’s your favorite thing about dragons? 


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Co-Director Grey Havens Group, Inc. ( and it's young adult branch Grey Havens YA ( Evermind also blogs personally about life, faith, grief, and beauty at Chased by Light:

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