Title and SLOGO Artwork

Cirdan’s note: It is my pleasure to share with you this wonderful sketch drawn by one of our amazing Grey Havens YA members. (Her blog name is still to-be-determined at the moment, but it may be awesomediginerd.) Check it out!ElizaGHYA

In addition, one of our members, madamekovarian learned how to write our SLOGO (that’s Grey-Havens-YA-speak for “slogan or catchphrase”) in Tengwar, the Elvish alphabet! I am so proud. 


This is not the first time we’ve shared fantastic drawings by our YA members. Be sure to check out our previous fan-art post too. I am excited to share many more pieces in the future. Our members are so creative!

Send us an owl: Not that one should ever judge a book by its cover, BUT… if Grey Havens YA were a novel, what do you think our cover would/should look like? P.S. Can you write in any other languages?


About cirdangreyhavensya

I am the shipwright of Grey Havens YA, helping our blog stay up to date. Sometimes I like to post at the request of the administrators, badgaladriel and evermind. Other times, I post on behalf of our amazing members. Grey Havens YA: Literacy, Imagination, Community, Inclusion. "Being a nerd is not about what you love, it's about how you love it!"- Wil Wheaton.

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