Smaug and Sons Fanfic

Cirdan’s note: Find out what happens when two young dragons meet in this delightfully inventive tale by Grey Havens YA member, draycos0!


Chapter 1: Changed plans and new goals.

My wings were so tired, flapping hard and fast to get to my new treasure (after I take it of course), my red scales gleaming. I finally think that I should wait for tomorrow, I knew how long it would take, and I overestimated my strengths, so I start looking for a place to sleep, I then see a nice little cave, not that little, enough for three of me. I head down and stumble into the cave, looking around, a quick burst of fire over my scales, “Another dragon in my mists I see,” came a feminine yet distinctly dragon voice. I look up to see a girl dragonette about my age, the deepest blue I ever saw, “Have you come to be my suiter,” Awkward.

I got myself into a . . .

Not what I was looking for. Yet she is so. . .

I don’t know what to do, go with her, or GOLD.

Gold, obviously “No, no, no. I am not here, f-f-f-for t-that, I-I-I, no. wrong place.”

“Oh but, you’re so cute with how nervous you are, you sure you want to say no, *teasingly* are you going to stick with no?”

I have no idea how she convinced me, but she did HOW. I feel a blush on my face.

“No, I mean yes, wait, no, no to no. So, umm. . . hi.” The blush burns like I would never know, she just is so. . .

“You are so cute, my name is Marine, Aquamarine, Marine for short. What shall I call you, O’ so cute.” Now I see the blush on her grate scales.

“Smaug,” I never believed in love at first site, till’ now.

“Then Smaug, I shall say, may I see you here tomorrow at about noon, or so.

“Tomorrow, ok (:, see you tomorrow,” the biggest blush in the world in the world.

Flying away so happy, happier than anything, I need to look spiffy.

Chapter 2:  Awkward date

I wait anxiously at the mouth of the cave. My suit feels tight on my scales, shaking in anticipation. I look at the flowers I got her tulips, (dilated to our size) and hide them behind my back Almost noon, almost noon, almost noon, almost no-, beautiful. She comes out with a necklace with a big emerald, and a dress made of spider webs (WOW), and it made her even more beautiful (if that was possible), she was impossible. “Close your mouth silly.”

She gestured me inside, and I came willingly. I show her her flowers, does she love them, I cannot tell, all I see is shock, till’ she she brights up so much. We sit down to a stone table, with plates that have lots of fish, fish is to us like rice is to dwarves, and we had the same amount of berries, and the other thing we each had cow. We talked about ourselves and each other, giving compliments till’. . .

“Sweetie, daddy’s here with a surprise vis-, who are you, why are you here with my daughter, GET OUT!!!!”

“Calm down daddy, I invited him here, it’s ok, leave him alone, dad this is Smaug, he is ugh, he is, um, right now, my date,” she seems tense and nervous. I would be too, in her situation.

“Smaug was it, rules. You will not hurt her, emotionally or physically, or I will kill you, you try anything with her before she is ready, or I kill you, if she does something wrong, (which won’t happen) you forgive her, and if you don’t, -”

“You kill me, I get it. Look sir, I’m not here to hurt your daughter, I won’t do that, and I want you to know that everything is going to be fine, so calm down.” He was definitely surprised about that. “Now I’ll take my leave, be back later Marine,” and I leave, With swag.


“Is he gone?” I whisper at the mouth of the cave.

“Yeah, he’s gone, come on in, sorry about daddy, a bit over protective. May we continue on our date.”

“Sure.” We go in and I heat up our meals. So we finish our date, it was perfect.


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