The Horde: A Poem by Slenderchibi


Cirdan’s note: We are pleased to publish this poem by one of our members, Slenderchibi. It will give you chills! Grey Havens YA has such creative and talented members. Want to support our efforts? Click the support tab in the menu bar. Enjoy!


“The Horde”

The forces of chaos are coming for you

their spike laden armor a greyish black hue

they’re coming in droves, they’re coming in hordes

the light shining bright on their black crimson swords

the sounds of their horns are raucous and bleating

while their iron black boots leave footsteps not ceasing

next comes the beasts all of them lugging steel work tools

and inside their minds insanity rules.

Then comes the deafening beating of wings

all these bloated black bats holding pebbles and slings

last comes the lords with an aura of fear

one arms a cannon, the other a spear

standing before them with armor so bright

its white simmering light piercing the blackest of night

his silver forged helmet encrusted with jade

he’s grasping the hilt of his golden yellow blade.

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