The Story of the Nerdy Balrog

[Cirdan’s note: Here is a wonderful story written by nerdybalrog. Don’t you just love Grey Havens YA?]

I used to be a great spirit, a powerful creature, a shapeshifter, a wizard, a Maiar. My life was internal. That life was not spent well, and many of my brethren’s lives were spent poorly as well. Morgoth, the most foul being to have ever lived, corrupted us, changed us, made us creatures of fire and shadow. We followed him, became his minions, not questioning a word he said.

Everyone but me. I resisted his magic and power. He made me a monster, but he could not take my life away from me. I escaped, only because of the mercy of a great wizard. His name was Gandalf, and I owe him the greatest respect. I wandered the  forests, hills and mountains of Middle-Earth. During my wandering, I learned to make ideas make sense, to turn weird things normal, and I questioned the world around me. Many a stops I made, destroying the bad things in the world, and trying to free my brethren from the terrible guilt they live with.

My final stop was to be Goblin-Town, finally freeing that mountain from those nasty goblins. I was going to rest there for a very long time, or until I died (which never happened). About five days from the Misty Mountains, I was confronted by a group of dwarves. As I looked closely, I saw my savior, Gandalf. After many years, I would get to speak with him again! The dwarves stood still, ready to attack, but Gandalf noticed who I was. He spoke to me in the language only the Maiar can understand. Gandalf had heard of the many great deeds I had done. Throughout our conversation, Gandalf had noticed the changes in me that had occurred during my wandering. He also noticed how miserable I was. When I finished talking, he told me one thing, “Go west from here, to the Grey Havens, you will know why I sent you when you arrive.” I believed that what I will see when I arrive at the Grey Havens will bring a greater meaning to my life.

That could not have been more true. When I arrived at the Grey Havens, I saw many a people. Some men, some elves, some dwarves, and many others I could not name. They called me over to their large table. I noticed from the first second this is where I belong. I heard it from everyone at the table “Welcome to Grey Havens YA!”

“Everyone has a meaning in life, even when no one believes they do.” -Nerdy Balrog

Send us an owl: Who are you (or who would you like to be) at the Grey Havens YA table? 


About nerdybalrog

Being a nerd is great! All kinds of amazing things to do! Who doesn't like playing video games, reading books, watching movies, and being extremely funny? By the way, the letter B is cool!

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