The Void (a creepy short story)

[Cirdan‘s note: We are now so excited to be able to introduce to you content created by our very own participants! Check to this short story written by demonicdragon and bookvsmovievsbook. We hope this will inspire our fellow Grey Haven YA members to pick up the pen and continue the story!]

The Void may not be that far away. It is entirely possible the Void is here, right next to us, surrounding us. Now you may wonder, wouldn’t we notice? Of course we would, many simply forget.

Today a pencil vanished. Seems ridiculous, but hear me out. A good friend and I were casually conversing in class when her pencil, which had been sitting in plain sight on her desk, simply vanished. No one had walked by to grab it, neither of us had touched it. After a fairly thorough check of the area, we came up empty-handed. Being a generally paranormal oriented person, I have always suspected an unusual cause for events like this. I then suggested, “Maybe the Void took it.” I was slightly kidding, but the moment I finished the sentence, the pencil fell – not off a desk and not from a hand, but from the empty air between our desks. It just fell. We gazed in shock before picking up the returned pencil. The two of us tried to laugh it off, but there was something unsettling about it.

A few days had passed and everything was normal (how cliché). The event had nearly left my memory when something odd happened. The history class I take is packed full with not a desk to spare, unless someone is absent. As to normal routine, we filed in to our assigned seats. The problem here was the lack of a desk. The place I normally sat wasn’t there. The desk had not been moved, and the teacher didn’t take it from the room. Some people I asked couldn’t even remember my seat existing. The whole situation concerned me greatly. Talking to my friend from the pencil incident, we found it was affecting her as well.

What we came to refer as “the Void” was swallowing pencils and now desks. We didn’t know what to do. We knew the Void took things, objects of any sort. We knew the Void gave things back, occasionally. We knew it took items randomly. There was no pattern to the materials missing or the timing of the theft. The items returned were always random, we decided, but they always returned within a few minutes of disappearance. The locations were never specific either, we were hopeless in solving this thing. The more we discussed the Void, the more it seemed to act up.

My friend contacted me recently claiming to have found the source. The actual source of the Void! But we had to stay quiet, we kept information between us, in fear the Void would grow with knowledge. Now I know that we must all be aware. It’s too late for me, but you have to know. This could already be affecting you, and I’m so sorry. There’s no way out. The Void is greedy and powerful. If you’re lucky, it will only take apart your world and leave your life. That might be worse, but it’s okay, you won’t remember the loss. I had a friend once. She found the Void with me, or it found us. She is gone and I can’t remember why. What was her name? I need to go home but I can’t remember where home is, did it go somewhere? How long have I been alone?

Send us an owl, if you can remember: Have you ever experienced the Void?


3 thoughts on “The Void (a creepy short story)

  1. This story is creepy and I think I might have nightmares (if the Doctor Who episodes I just watched don’t make me have nightmares first)

    I believe the objects that disappear, go to the Void, aka Hell (The space between universes)

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  2. This has happened to me before… I am a believer in the void. I was at home one night, and I had left my phone on my bed. I left my room and came back a few minutes later. My phone was no longer on my bed, but on my desk… O.O


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